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Carl Zeiss's O-Inspect multisensor measuring machine offers easy, accurate and efficient measurement of complext parts, claims the company.

The machine is now offered with a chromatic white light sensor.

The white light sensor enables the measurement of parts that can't be captured with a contact sensor or camera. Reflections or lack of contrast, which can impede the correct focusing of a camera, is no longer a problem. The chromatic white light sensor allows for accurate measurement of such parts.

How the new method works

The workpiece is illuminated with a bundled white light. Special optics with chromatic aberrations in the proble split the light into its spectral colours. A spectrophotometer analyzes the reflected light and determines which colour has the highest intensity. The measuring machine can determine the distance from the sensor to the surface using the spectral colour, and derives the exact topography of the part from this information.

Results are displayed using CAD-based Calypso measuring software. It enables size, form an dposition measurements with user guideance and makes deviations visible and quantifiable. The machine is also equipped with an additional light source on the contact scanning sensor that can be turned on to illuminate the measuring field when the machine is reprogrammed.

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CMM measures large workpieces

Zeiss Industrial Metrology introduced its new Zeiss Contura CMM at IMTS in 2014 and has now expanded the range of models for the measurement of larger workpieces.

Software automatically generates part programs for inspection

Mituotyo's MiCAT Planner is new software which automatically generates part programs for inspection for CNC CMM users.

Wireless rotary axis calibrator

The new Renishaw XR20-W calibration system measures the angular position of rotary axes to within ±1 arc second, wirelessly, for testing the accuracy of lathes, multi-axis machine tools, mill-turn machines, trunnion tables and spindles.

More uniform grip with jaw forming ring grips

The Dillon jaw forming ring is an easy-to-use tool that provides a more uniform grip on the workpiece, according to the company.

A welcome power cut

Article courtesy of Iscar

The quest to reduce levels of power consumption in the global metal cutting sector is not a new trend; today it has become an essential technical requirement.

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