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Emuge-Franken USA has announced the launch of a new line of multipurpose thread mills.

The MultiThread series is designed for threading a wide range of standard materials in job shop manufacturing contexts where part applications and materials frequently change.

Emuge says the MultiThread thread mills enable shops to boost their production output and save on threadmaking costs, as fewer types of thread mills need to be stocked in the tool crib and the danger of broken taps and scrapped parts is eliminated. “MultiThread cuts most materials that job shops encounter while providing thread accuracy, quality and finish with high process security and control,” says Marlon Blandon, Emuge-Franken USA thread milling product manager.

The thread mills feature an Emuge proprietary TIN T21 coating that reduces chip welding and improves chip evacuation. The thread mills also allow one tool to thread both through and blind holes and make right or left-hand threads. Two types of sub-micro grain carbide thread mills are offered—full form or single plane. The full form thread mills machine threads in a single cutting rotation and feature a rigid core diameter that reduces deflection. The single plane design enables one tool to produce multiple thread sizes and allows the pitch diameter to be controlled.

The MultiThread thread mills are available in a broad range of types and sizes. Full form 2XD thread mills range from No.10 to ¾ in. sizes in solid tools, and 1/4 to 1 in. sizes in coolant-through tools. Full form thread mills are also available in metric sizes. Single plane 2XD thread mills range from No. 0 to ¾ in. including STI sizes in inch, and 3XD single plane mills range from No. 2 to 3/4ʺ. Single plane models are available in either solid, or coolant-through on larger sizes. In total, over 80 SKUs of MultiThread tools are stocked as standard.

More information available here.

Three-flute end mills

SGS Tool Co. has added a new series of three-flute end mills for difficult materials and challenging applications.

Schunk TENDO direct clamping toolholder

Schunk has introduced the TENDO Platinum V2 hydraulic direct clamping toolholder.

Indexable grooving inserts

Walter has introduced the new A60 and AG60  inserts for small to medium pitch threads.

Equator gauging system for larger parts

The new Equator 500 gauging system has been introduced by Renishaw.

Kyocera adds end ball configuration to Series 51 T-Carb line

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools (KSPT) has expanded the Series 51 T-Carb series of tools to include a ball end configuration.

Five axis vertical machining

The D800Z is the newest addition to Makino's family of five axis vertical machining centres. It offers easy access to the spindle and table, a highly rigid structure for responsive cutting, outstanding surface finishes, according to Makino, and optional automation devices. Workpieces of up to 1,000 mm in diameter and 1,200 kg in weight can be machined in five axes, with great efficiency and fewer operations for reduced production time, claims the company.

High density, flexible workholding

High density, high accuracy and flexibility to accommodate different part sizes or multiple parts are benefits of Kurt’s SeraLock Towers, and WedgeLock and MoveLock workholding modules.

Air plasma cutting, gouging system

Hypertherm's Powermax125 air plasma cutting and gouging system, available in December, will deliver the most power of any portable air plasma system available today, claims the company.

Tapping tool taps up to 200 holes per minute

Wilson Tool International has announced the debut of its new QuickTap tapping tool.

Semi automatic double column bandsaw

The model H5 SA semi automatic double column bandsaw from Kalamazoo Industries has been designed to produce accurate vertical cuts in structural steel.

Nozzle changer for heavy plate fabrication

LVD Strippit's optional nozzle changer is now available on its Impuls 6020 CO2 laser cutting system.

Abrasive cutting floor unit

The AbrasiMet XL Pro is a floor-standing automatic abrasive cutting machine for 14-in. [356 mm] to 18-in. [457 mm] blades.

Smart tooling system: Tool-ID


Walter USA has introduced Tool-ID, a smart tooling system that allows users to transfer tool data from the pre-setting device to the machine tool, and to evaluate the parameters run on the machine.

ESAB expands Sureweld electrode offering

ESAB has expanded the number of grades available in it Sureweld brand of Stick welding electrodes and packaged the 3/32- and 1/8-in. diameter electrodes in 1- and 5-lb. resealable plastic tubes.

Complete gripping system kit

Schunk has introduced a gripping system kit that is compatible with all Universal Robots robot arms.

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