BLM Group’s E-FORM tube end forming machine now has a full CNC electric rolling device, Click image to enlargeBLM Group’s E-FORM tube end forming machine now has a full CNC electric rolling device, providing maximum precision and repeatability in part production. The punches of the E-FORM reach up to 10 tons of force, molding tubes up to 30mm in diameter from materials such as copper, aluminum, iron or stainless steel.

It’s nine processing stations handle shaping, rolling, butting, cutting and can be configured to the user’s particular needs. The top portion of the machine is obstacle-free and able to accommodate very complex three-dimensional geometries.

Since all of these operations can be performed in a single pass without having to remove the workpiece from the machine, cycle times are significantly reduced. Edges may also be trimmed directly in the machine, and the CNC automatically adjusts the cutting position. 

Equipped with BLM GROUP’s VGP2D software, programming is extremely easy. Users select the punch they want to use and, by default, the VGP2D will automatically program the most adequate values.

Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc.

Based in Oakville, Ontario, Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc. has been supplying and supporting quality machine tools to the Canadian metal cutting industry since 1950. Elliott carries a full range of metalworking machinery,

The Rules of X-Ray Micro CT (and When to Break Them)

Offer the term “metrology equipment” to a group of industrial or manufacturing engineers in a word-association test and it's highly likely CMM (coordinate measuring machine) would be the response.

Hydraulics vs. Electrics: Selecting the Right Press Brake

by Mary Scianna

If the press brakes in your fabrication shop are more than a decade old - not uncommon given the solid construction of most press brakes - and you're in the market for new replacement equipment, you may be surprised by the technological developments on today's press brakes.

Nikon Metrology: Anti-mould microscope design

Nikon Metrology Inc.'s latest stereoscopic microscope, the SMZ-745, is an airtight, anti-electrostatic and anti-mould designed microscope that prevents samples from being damaged by electrostatic discharge, as well as contaminants such as dust and water.

Maintaining your MIG gun and welding costs, by Grant Peppers

Selecting the right MIG gun for your welding application, and maintaining it properly, is just as important to your overall productivity as any other part of the welding operation.

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