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The Chevalier Smart-B818III multi-function three axis CNC surface grinder available from Heinman Machinery is capable of producing mirror finishes on highly accurate workpieces and can produce microfinishes of 5 rms or better.

It offers positioning 0.004 mm (0.00015 in.) to 0.006 mm (0.00023 in.) and repeatability is 0.003 mm (0.00012 in.) to 0.006 mm (0.00023 in.). The machine’s movements are programmable in increments of 0.001 mm (0.0001 in.). The SMART- III's PC-based control, combined with a user-friendly conversational function makes it easy to learn and operate. The new TaskLink feature has the ability to take different conversational programs and link them together to grind almost anything imaginable.

And with Chevalier’s dress function you can take initial dress time from hours to minutes. The machine features a spindle supported by four pieces of Class 7 (P4) super precision, angular-contact ball bearings and directly coupled with a low vibration Class V3 spindle motor.

The Smart series machines are designed with an automatic wheel dressing with compensation features that dresses the wheel automatically during roughing or fine grinding and again at the end of rough grinding, enabling the machine to run unattended for hours and making it ideal for high volume production runs, while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Heinman Machinery

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