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Lincoln Electric has introduced the Power MIG 260.

The new welder is designed for MIG and flux cored welding in light industrial shop fabrication, maintenance and repair work.

Lincoln Electric’s patented ArcFX technology provides graphical feedback on the user interface, illustrating how wire feed speed and voltage affect the weld outcome. The memory capability enables users to load and save weld settings, while adjustable features allow for customized welding.  

The Ready.Set.Weld feature enables rapid setup. The push-and-turn digital controls and seven-inch, colour display guide users through setup and operation.

The unit comes with a Maxtrac Wire Drive, Magnum PRO 250L welding gun, quick storage accessories, 10-foot work cable with clamp, gas regulator and 10-foot power cable with plug. Additional features include a coil claw for workstation organization, a side mounted tool holder and an angled gun connection for improved feedability. The unit also offers an accessible front mounted 115V power outlet along with gun connections.

MIG consumables for MIG torch series

ESAB brand Tweco has introduced the VELOCITY2 series of MIG consumables for the Spray Master, Classic Number and Supra SEHD series MIG torches.

Multi-process welding system

ESAB's new Rebel EMP 215ic is a 120V-230V CC/VC welding system the company says offers true multi-process arc performance.

Aluminum MIG push-pull welding systems

Lincoln Electric has introduced two new aluminum MIG push-pull welding system packages, the Power MIG 350MP and One-Pak.

Higher productivity welding in heavy fab applications

Flex Feed 84 is Lincoln Electric's latest additon to its line of wire feeders. The company says it delivers consistent feeding over long conduit runs iwth large diameter wires up to 2.4 mm (3/32 in.).

Robotic nozzle cleaning station cuts costs

Tregaskiss has introduced the Tough Gun TT3E Reamer, a robotic nozzle cleaning station with digital Ethernet communications to better integrate into companies' digital controls infrastructure.

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