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MC Machinery will showcase its latest EDM and precision milling technology, including wire and sinker EDMs, machining centres and automation, at IMTS 2022.

Featured machines at IMTS 2022 will include new Mitsubishi SV12P and SG12 sinker EDMs with artificial intelligence (AI) adaptive control technology.

The new SVP Series features mAIsmart IDPM3 (Intelligent Digital Power Master Control). Using a state-of-the-art sensor to monitor the total amount of electrode contact area within the work piece, the system automatically changes power conditions based on real time measurement feedback to produce the most efficient burn. This results in up to 40 percent less electrode wear and a reduction of up to 30 percent in machining time.

At IMTS, the SV12P will be outfitted with Erowa Robot Compact 80 milling and sinker automation.

Other new systems include the Gantry Eagle 800 sinker EDM for large-part and moulding applications, featuring low electrode wear and fast cycle times. The Gantry Eagle series has on-board components designed to reduce wear and tear, which in turn decreases maintenance and costly downtime. The Gantry Eagle 800 has a large, easy-to-access working area that requires less floor space than other sinker EDM models.

MV1200-R wire EDMClick image to enlarge

MC Machinery will also showcase the MV1200-R Mitsubishi wire EDM, with submerged threading, fiber optic machine communication and power supply technology, and the MV2400-R Mitsubishi wire EDM, designed for a wide range of applications, featuring a larger tank capacity and low operational costs. The MV-R series features improvements in machine construction, auto-threading, internal machine communication and power supply technology. Other new systems include the MV4800-S Mitsubishi wire EDM and the MX600 Oil Advance Plus wire EDM.

In precision milling, MC Machinery will present the Roku HC658II  for hard milling and electrode manufacturing. This machine is a full-bridge style design for high accuracy and each way surface is hand scraped. The dependable 32,000 rpm spindle, combined with graphite protection, makes the Roku HC658II ideal for high-precision manufacturing and mould industry customers.  

The ANDROID II linear drive milling machine is a machining center designed from the ground up for precise, hard steel and carbide machining with accuracies within ±1µm. With a 60,000-RPM spindle, it boosts productivity on high-precision jobs, simultaneously delivering accuracy, quality, precision and speed

The Ingersoll Eagle V550 graphite machining center has an innovative compact design and features high-speed, high-precision five-axis machining for small graphite electrodes and mold/die components.   

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) will take place September 12-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago. At IMTS 2022 in Booth 338129,

MC Machinery.

Handheld resistance weld checker

Monitor and troubleshoot issues in welding production with the MM-410A handheld resistance weld checker from Amada Miyachi America Inc.

Mill-turn with 3-fold pallet changer

The DMG 85 FD monoBlock made its debut at EMO 2013 in Hannover, Germany.

New Vertical Twin-Spindle Machining Centre

CHIRON has introduced its new vertical twin spindle five axis machining centre, DZ08 FX Precision+. 

Extended reach scanning probe

Renishaw has launched an extended reach scanning probe for use with its Revo five axis measurement system on CMMs, the RSP3-6.

New dressing concept on cylindrical grinders

United Grinding has added three new radius internal cylindrical grinding machines to its line of Studer internal cylindrical grinding machines: the S121, S131 and S141.

Pneumatic power chuck machines rods and pipes

The SCHUNK Rota TB2 pneumatic self-contained power chuck sets a new standard in the machining of rods and pipes for the oil, mining, and construction sectors, claims the company.

Mazak Optonics' new compact, high speed automation solution

Mazak Optonics has introduced their newest addition to their compact range of automation solutions, the Quick Cell 3015. 

Wire feeder for mobile use in harsh environments

Fronius has expanded its Case wire feeder range for mobile use in harsh environments.

New aluminum push-pull welding gun

Lincoln Electric has introduced a new lightweight push-pull gun for heavy duty aluminum welding work.

Large diameter anti-vibration boring bar

Walter has expanded its Accure-tec vibration dampening boring bar line with larger boring bar diameters.

Industrial PC for machine tool

IPC 6641 is a new industrial PC for machines tools from Heidenhain Corp. designed for individual automation solutions, operation of Windows software from an OEM and remote access to Heidenhanin iTNC 530 contouring controls.

Exchangeable milling heads

Tungaloy has added 88 total exchangeable heads in five geometries to its TungMeister exchangeable milling head range.

Capacitor discharge welder family expanded

Dengensha America has expanded its LinearWave Capacitor Discharge Welder product family with a new 50kA version.

Robotic product suite

Yaskawa has introduced the Smart Series product line for new robot users.

Parting-off and external threading toolholders

The TungTurn-Jet family of high-pressure, coolant-through toolholders from Tungaloy is being expanded to include parting-off and external threading toolholders, with the DirectTung-Jet capability for high efficiency in Swiss lathe applications.

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