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Chemetall, the Surface Treatment global business unit of the Coatings division of BASF, has introduced Tech Cool 35058 and Tech Cool 35037.

Tech Cool 35058 is a premium machining fluid developed for applications requiring superior micro-finish on ferrous alloys; low and high carbon steels, titanium, molybdenum and tough alloys. It is low foaming and formulated to run longer in high velocity central systems. The product offers superior corrosion protection, contains no chlorine, sulfur, boron, or phosphorus compounds and is compatible with ferrous and aluminum alloys. The technology’s blend of additives delivers extended sump life. Tech Cool 35058 is recommended for use in most medium to heavy duty machining and grinding applications.
Tech Cool 35037 is a general purpose machining and grinding fluid developed for applications requiring efficient and economical performance on aluminum and copper alloys. It is low foaming and designed to deliver superior finishes for aluminum drilling and tapping applications. The product offers superior corrosion protection, extended sump life and contains no sulfur compounds. Its lubricity is activated by a chlorinated EP ingredient. It. Tech Cool 35037 is completely free of formaldehyde releasing biocides, and recommended for use in most general-purpose machining and grinding applications.
Both Tech Cool 35058 and 35037 exhibit enhanced hard water tolerance and increased emulsion stability. The in-service cleanliness of these products allows for long-term system life without the formation of heavy, tacky, water insoluble residues.
Chemetall will present the new products at IMTS 2018, Booth #432443.

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