DMG Mori's NXT 3000Click image to enlargeThe NTX 3000 compact turning-milling machine from DMG Mori now has the compactMASTER Turn & Mill spindle, providing maximum productivity when machining large workpieces with a footprint of just 16.5 square metres.


Designed for bar diameters of 102 mm, it’s capable of machining the most complex of components with a torque of up to 1,194 Nm. The decisive core component here is the B-axis with the company's in-house compactMASTER spindle for demanding 5-axis machining with up to 122 Nm. The main spindle extends the performance into the realm of 6-sided heavy-duty machining in the aerospace industry, the automotive sector and medical engineering.


A robust machine bed combined with stable roller guides and cooling systems in the spindles and ball screw drives optimize performance while maintaining stable temperatures for continuous 5 axis machining.


A the second BMT turret with driven tools also has a Y-axis (+/-40 mm). The toolSTAR tool magazine has 38 stations, but can be expanded to up to 114 pockets for short setup times.Its integral tool measurement and tool breakage monitoring system and tool measurement in the work area ensure efficient machining.


Equipped with the Celos app-based control and user interface and a 21-in. multi-touch display, consistent management, documentation and planning of job orders in production engineering and in the workshop is possible.

Store big tools in a small space

Mazak Corp. has introduced ToolTech, a compact tool storage magazine that stories big, heavy and large diameter tools within a small required floor space.

New double column bridge design five axis machine

The Hurco BX40Ui 5-Axis CNC is a new double-column machining center, with trunnion table mounted along the Y-axis.

OSG launches new drills for deep hole drilling

OSG has launched ADO-40D and 50D coolant-through carbide drills for deep hole drilling applications.

Largest parts leveler in North America

A US shop has installed what is considered the largest parts leveler in North America, capable of leveling parts up to 43 mm (1.675 in.) thick and 1,981 mm (78 in.) wide.

Shaping up

by Tim Wilson

Canada's die and mould industry is on an upswing

Spiral point and spiral flute taps

Sandvik Coromant is upgrading its range of tools for steel tapping operations with two updates to its solid round tools range.

Fiber laser with Rotary Index

Amada has introduced the ENSIS 3015 RI fiber laser.

Parting-off and external threading toolholders

The TungTurn-Jet family of high-pressure, coolant-through toolholders from Tungaloy is being expanded to include parting-off and external threading toolholders, with the DirectTung-Jet capability for high efficiency in Swiss lathe applications.

$62+ M for two Quebec aerospace firms

Two aerospace parts manufacutring companies are investing a combined $62.4 million in upgrading their operations in Quebec.

Tooling for bends without die marks

Mate Precision Tooling has introduced CleanBend press brake tooling that the company says enables high quality sheet metal forming.

Carbide tipped band saw blades

Simonds Saw has launched Quad 7 carbide tipped band saw blades for demanding production cutting operations such as steel service centres, foundries and aerospace sawing applications.

Shaping the car of 2030

Magna International has launched a North American student innovation challenge to help shape the car of 2030.

Measure and manage wire with contactless system

Measure steel wire for tires, copper wire for electrical cables, CO2 welding wire and more with Aeroel Wireline laser measuring system from Marposs.

Simulating Five

No matter how easy to operate, few would argue that five axis machining centres are more prone to tool and fixture interference than those limited to three axis work.

New automotive wireless detection technology

New wireless pedestrian detection technology moves cars closer to “computer on wheels”

General Motors is developing a driver assistance feature potentially capable of detecting pedestrians and bicyclists on congested streets or in poor visibility conditions.

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