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LVD has released Cadman v8.7, the latest update of its software suite.

The new update introduces several key features, including the ability to integrate foreign operations such as tapping, chamfering, and painting, as well as updates for Cadman-Job (Manufacturing Execution System), Cadman-SDI (Smart Drawing Importer), Cadman-P (punching), Cadman-L (laser cutting), Cadman-B (bending) and Touch-i4 (sort and validate).
The latest version of Cadman is able to integrate foreign operations—defined as non-core and secondary operations, including tapping, deburring, and grinding. This update helps enhance the sheet metal fabrication process flow by allowing Cadman to control, monitor and log an order from raw material to finished part. Foreign operations are now visible in the Cadman-Job overview screen, and can be tracked and traced in the production process for real-time transparency. Using a single system (Cadman) keeps the user interface consistent and helps improve process efficiency.

Cadman v8.7 also provides a real-time interface between ERP and sheet metal production. The ERP system transfers work orders to Cadman-Job for processing. In turn, Cadman-JOB provides ERP with a real-time order status. The order’s progress in the production journey can be tracked in both systems. The data gathered can be analyzed by the user to implement process improvements.

Cadman v8.7 can now manage the complete sheet metal production process without the need for an ERP system. Work orders can be created within Cadman-SDI for transfer to Cadman-Job.

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Auto-Darkening Filters for Welding Helmets

Weldcote’s auto-darkening filters feature clear, true-colour blue, high-definition technology that enhances the visible spectrum for optimal clarity and reduced eye fatigue.

Compact welding cell for small to medium parts

Featuring one station with a welding table suitable for customized part fixtures in an extremely compact footprint, the ArcWorld C-30 workcell is an affordable solution for the welding of small to medium sized parts that are typical in many job shop applications, says Yaskawa Motoman.

Modular pump for tight spaces

Waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge Inc.’s new iP36-50 modular waterjet Intensifier Pump is designed for ease of portability.

Pre-coated MIG nozzles

Walter Surface Technologies has launched its new E-Weld Pre-Coated Nozzles.

Wilson launches punch tooling for Salvagnini

Wilson Tool offers a standard holder with universal punches for high precision punching systems. Wilson Tool’s comprehensive EXP line is designed for thick turret, thin turret and multi-tools, and is now available to enhance the performance of Salvagnini punching systems.

New 120 W CO2 laser enables compact machine tools

A new 120W CO2 laser from Coherent offers a 30 per cent better power/volume ratio than most competitive lasers in this class, enabling the construction of more compact laser-based systems for space-constrained, industrial applications, according to the company.

New automation options for laser cutting machine

The BySprint Pro 3015, whose combination of efficient ByLaser CO2 laser source and high machine dynamics makes it the most cost effective and productive high-speed laser cutting system in its class, according to the company, now offers new options for the BySprint Pro 3015 that include the choice of either a ByLaser 4400 or the new ByLaser 6000 watt.

High efficiency, 10 kW fiber laser

TRUMPF's new TruLaser 5030 fiber with a 10 kW TruDisk Laser made its world debut at FABTECH 2017 in Chicago.

Sanding discs delivers 90% more stock removal

Walter Surface Technologies has updated its CoolCut XX sanding discs, which enable workers to blend and finish more pieces than before.

Heavy duty grinders

Walter Surface Technologies has introduced the Ironman and Ironman PS heavy duty grinders.

Tungaloy expands double-sided positive insert line

Tungaloy has expanded its DoMiniTurn/Bore Line, a double-sided positive insert line that features a unique toolholder and insert design.

Adjust welding settings, current for stick, TIG

Lincoln Electric's new CrossLinc Remote allows operators to adjust welding settings at the arc, including current for stick and TIG welding or voltage on select wire feeders.

Multispindle automatic lathe

Index will introduce its MS40-8 multispindle automatic lathe to North America at IMTS 2018.

Pull out protection system with special drive keys

The Safe-Lock pull out protection system from HAIMER ensures safe cutting tool clamping.

Ultrasonic weld seam inspection with phased array technology has announced the implementation of a fully automated phased array ultrasonic inspection solution for electron beam welds on rotors for asynchronous motors for a supplier to the automotive industry.

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