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The new JMC USA90 “Slugger” mag core drill from FEIN features light weight and a low profile.

FEIN says it’s the lightest, smallest, most compact magnetic core drill on the market.

- Uniquely compact magnetic core drill with very low profile

- Weldon ¾” mount

- Low height of 6¹¹⁄₁₆″ (169 mm) for drilling in steel girders or in vehicle construction

- Problem-solver for installation work in metal construction

- Weighing just 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg), it is the lightest right-angle magnetic core drill on the market

The JMC USA90 drills diameters of up to 1⅜″ (35 mm). It’s the smallest and lightest magnetic core drill with right-angle drive, developed for use in very tight spaces. It joins FEIN’s Compact performance series and has been available in Canada from specialist distributors since December 2017.

Slugger has been developed to solve installation problems: with a height of just 6¹¹⁄₁₆″ (169 mm), the tool handles core drilling in tight spots which cannot be accessed by traditional core drills. For example, the JMC USA90 fits between the two flanges of a HEB 200 steel girder with a bar height of 6¹¹⁄₁₆″ (169 mm). It can also be used in restricted spaces in vehicle and trailer construction.

FEIN has equipped the angle drill with a fixed motor and a spindle sleeve feed. Thanks to its low-profile design, users can use this model to work in tight spots. Its width across corners of 1⁵⁄₁₆″ (33 mm) also allows for work very close to the edge. High gearbox positioning ensures a good view of the tool and drilling point. What’s more, the ratchet allows the tool to be operated with ease and in a space-saving manner. A stroke range of 1¹³⁄₁₆″ (46 mm) enables cutting depths of up to 1⅜″ (35 mm). At just 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg), the lightest magnetic core drill on the market can be used vertically and overhead. FEIN produces all load-bearing components from lightweight, high-strength cast aluminum and has optimized the weight of the powerful magnets too. All components are designed to be extremely distortion-resistant and able to withstand high loads for tough use in industry and manual trades.

A speed-stable 1100 W FEIN high-power motor with tacho electronics and variable speed ensures high torque and rapid work progress. One noteworthy feature of this drill is its forward/reverse running with an electronic six-stage speed setting. The tool is thereby able to handle all key drilling jobs, such as core drilling, twist drilling and countersinking. The magnet with a holding force of 2250 lbs (10,000 N) ensures a reliable tool base. A tilt sensor immediately stops the tool if it shifts. The self-explanatory, durable controls with convenient magnetic holding force display are fitted in the user’s direct field of vision.

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