ESAB guarantees the H4 classification of Pipeweld 78LH, designed for pipeline grades such X70 and X80, when users receive the flux in an ESAB BigBag package.Click image to enlarge

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced Pipeweld 78LH Flux.

Pipeweld 78LH low hydrogen flux is formulated for longitudinal or spiral welding of pipeline steel grades, such as X70 and X80, using multi wire submerged arc welding processes. A new flux formulation and production process enable Pipeweld 78LH Flux to meet the H4 classification of ≤ 4ml of diffusible hydrogen per 100g of weld metal as produced. Because of its low hydrogen formulation and its moisture resistance, Pipeweld 78LH enables coating within a few hours after welding, improving throughput. The higher moisture pickup of other fluxes may cause outgassing issues, when flux is left in the hopper for a long time and then pipe may need to sit for several days after welding to prevent “jeeping” (blistering).

“ESAB tested Pipeweld 78LH versus competitive fluxes and the previous version of OK Flux 10.77 and proved that it reduces moisture pickup and diffusible hydrogen levels,” says Halinson Campos, product business manager – filler metals, ESAB.

ESAB guarantees the H4 classification when users receive the flux in an ESAB BigBag package, a 2,000- to 2,200-lb. bulk package made from a woven polypropylene material with a multi-layered aluminum lining that keeps moisture away during storage. Pipeweld 78LH is also available in a 50-lb. Flux Pack, which uses a thick LDPE material.

Pipeweld 78LH controls the bead width and profile to deliver proper and adequate reinforcement. “A low transition angle between the weld crown and base plate prevents over-welding and the associated waste of filler metal, as well as cost saving in the later pipe coating operation, since the coating thickness can be reduced,” says Campos. Pipeweld 78LH also provides a smooth surface finish, even at high welding speeds. Because of its improved grain size, Pipeweld 78LH can be recaptured and reused, prolonging the interval between flux hopper refills.

Multi-Wire SAW

ESAB specifically designed the flux for multi wire submerged arc welding processes, such as twin-wire, tandem or ESAB’s patented Integrated Cold Electrode (ICE). By feeding an electrically cold electrode into the weld puddle, ICE increases deposition rate without increasing heat input to help preserve mechanical and metallurgical properties.

MIG consumables for MIG torch series

ESAB brand Tweco has introduced the VELOCITY2 series of MIG consumables for the Spray Master, Classic Number and Supra SEHD series MIG torches.

Multi-process welding system

ESAB's new Rebel EMP 215ic is a 120V-230V CC/VC welding system the company says offers true multi-process arc performance.

Aluminum MIG push-pull welding systems

Lincoln Electric has introduced two new aluminum MIG push-pull welding system packages, the Power MIG 350MP and One-Pak.

Higher productivity welding in heavy fab applications

Flex Feed 84 is Lincoln Electric's latest additon to its line of wire feeders. The company says it delivers consistent feeding over long conduit runs iwth large diameter wires up to 2.4 mm (3/32 in.).

Robotic nozzle cleaning station cuts costs

Tregaskiss has introduced the Tough Gun TT3E Reamer, a robotic nozzle cleaning station with digital Ethernet communications to better integrate into companies' digital controls infrastructure.

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