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Lincoln Electric's new Course Builder is a "time saving curriculum planning tool for welding educators," says the company.

The Course Builder program guides instructors to create a curriculum calendar that helps organize instructional time, select specific and appropriate Lincoln Electric U/LINC content and take the headache out of curriculum planning. It also helps track the lesson plan’s compliance with state standards and requirements.

The set-up process is simple – instructors answer a brief series of questions about the course of study, teaching level and length of plan, while noting any blackout dates for holidays or school events. After just a few keystrokes, Course Builder creates a comprehensive curriculum plan that spans a chosen time frame – from just the coming week to a full year of instruction.

Once it populates the calendar, Course Builder tells instructors where their training program stands in terms of compliance. The tool creates a detailed audit specifying which state standards the curriculum plan meets and where it falls short. Educators can modify the plan as needed.

“Course Builder simplifies and speeds up the typically time-consuming and difficult process of curriculum planning,” says Jason Scales, business manager, educational products and services, Lincoln Electric. “Using it, welding educators can build a solid framework for their courses and spend more time teaching instead of planning.”

The new Course Builder program works seamlessly with Lincoln Electric’s U/LINC learning management system. U/LINC provides instructors with ready-made curriculum to teach anything from the most basic welding and safety practices to some of the most advanced aspects of the welding trade – production, engineering and manufacturing, automation and CNC plasma cutting.

U/LINC curriculum is continuously updated to meet the needs of today’s students, the requirements of academic administrators and the demands of the welding industry. It offers more than 1,000 educational assets – including lesson plans, lab activities, student assessments and presentations that are all AWS SENSE-compliant and aligned with most state competencies – in a subscription-based system.

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