The Elect 150 is one of the models that now offers left-hand configurationClick image to enlarge

BLM Group has added left-hand configuration capability to its Elect 102, 130 and 150 bender models.

This expands left-hand capability to BLM Group’s entire Elect range, which also all include right-hand configuration. Fabricators processing tubes or pipes with diameters of up to 6 in. can choose the bending direction they use most—right- or left-handed.

With multiple tool stack capability, the Elect benders can produce fixed and variable radii in a single setup. The all-electric operation provides energy efficiency and eliminates the need for the hose and piping associated with hydraulic systems. This helps to simplify maintenance and improve reliability for more consistent bending. These 9- or 10-axis systems are suited for tube production in a variety of industries including HVAC, furniture, agricultural, automotive, and aerospace.

The benders are available with manual or automatic loading with the ability to position the automatic loader to the left or right of the machine. Additionally, a special loading cycle is available for heavy tube or multi-ball mandrels. The tube benders can incorporate automatic tube bundle loading and a handling robot for a complete turnkey solution that manages the entire tube loading and unloading sequence.

More information is available here.

Through-coolant system for Swiss style machines

Rego-Fix has introduced a new addition to its line of reCool retrofittable coolant-through sytems, the reCool RCR/ERM which allows for the use of emulsion or pure oil coolants.

Grooving toolholder for tight spots

The G4014-P grooving tool holder from Walter is ideal for small part machining operations such as swiss type machining. The system offers an innovative new “SmartLock” insert clamping feature to access the clamping screw from the side.

"On the fly" laser drilling made easy

Prima Power Laserdyne–SmartPerf is an application inspired tool for programming and laser drilling of simple to complex patterns of holes in linear and cylindrical paths in 2D and 3D parts.

Remember Fadal? It's Back

For those who have been in the industry for many years, they'll recognize the name Fadal, a machine tool builder of VMCs, that closed down its US manufacturing operations in 2008.

Improved arc performance with new MIG welding system

The Continuum 500 from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. provides improved arc starts and more stable arc performance, generating better results from we4lding operators of all skill levels when welding on thin or thick metals, according to the company.

Welding torch removes 90%+ fumes at source

Dutch manufacturer of welding torches Translas has introduced the Extractor, a new welding torch with integrated weld fume that the company says reduces fumes by a factor of 20. The welding torch is co-developed by independent research organisation TNO.

Dual torch system: 50 lb weld power/hr

Mavrix Welding Automation Inc. has redesigned its dual torch shredder disc rebuild system with an improved mounting system and open carriage design that reduces installation time to 30 minutes or less.

Increase grind life with TRUMPF GL dies

New TRUMPF Grind Life (GL) dies and die plates from Wilson Tool increase grind life by up to 150 per cent, making it possible to quickly shim your dies up to 2.5mm, instead of the current 1.0 mm maximum.

Fast colour change in airless finishing

Nordson Corp. has launched the new Quattro automatic spray gun, which incorporates fast cycling, fine atomization and easy maintenance for higher productivity and improved finish quality in airless painting applications, claims the company.

Light cutting geometries for radius inserts

Sandvik Coromant has introduced -M30 and -L50 geometry for its CoroMill 331 milling cutter.

Drilling in stainless steel with 4 times more cooling

Mikron Corp. has launched the CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox, a small drill for stainless steels in the 1 to 6 mm (.039 to .236 in.) diameter range that in a single step can drill a full depth of 10 times diameter without chip flushing, says the company.

Coil-fed washer reduces stamping defects

Automatic Feed Co.’s (AFCO) coil-fed high pressure hot water washers eliminate oil and contamination on aluminum and various metals that can cause visible part defects during the stamping process.

Fast setup with new punch holders

Wilson Tool launched an innovative, yet simple approach to punch holding at the recent FABECH 2011 show in Chicago, IL.

Hydraulic down-acting press brakes

Amada's HS series press brakes are eco-friendly machines the company says provides maximum performance and ease of use.

Flexible welding robots

Fanuc's new ARC Mate 100iD arc welding robot and the LR Mate 200iD/7L tabletop material handling robot are an effective welding system for multiple applications, including frame rail welding.

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