Koike Aronsn LasertexClick image to enlargeThe Lasertex series from Koike Aronson is a large format plate cutting laser system for oversized parts for industries such as mining, energy, construction, military vehicles, agriculture and shipbuilding.

It uses high speed, common line cutting to reduce cycle time by 20 to 30 per cent and remnant scrap costs by 1 to 5 per cent, claims the company. A Sigmabox design seals the laser beam's path to keep airborne particulates away from laser mirror surfaces. The Sigmabox design also allows unlimited width and length of cut.

The machine is available in 4 kW and 6 kW models to cut mild steel from 3.175 to 25.4 mm (0.125 to 1 in.) and stainless from 1.59 to 15. 88 mm (0.0625 to 0.625 in.) or up to 25.4 mm (1 in.) with the optional nitrogen system.

Koike Aronson

Multi-tasking gear machining system

Mazak Corporation has unveiled the Integrex i-200ST AG Hybrid multi-tasking machine.

FABTECH 2014: 6000 watt fiber laser

Exhibitor: Bystronic    Booth: B2225

HMC reduces floor space by 20%

Kitamura Machinery's new Mycenter-HX300iG is a new high speed compact #40 HMC that is 20 per cent smaller than the company's 400 mm and offers the same power, accuracy and reliability.

Punch/fiber laser combination machine

Amada has taken fiber laser cutting technology to the next step with its FABTECH debut of a punch/fiber laser combination machine, the LC 2515 C1 AJ.

Punch press and press brake tooling holder

Wilson Tool International has introduced the Brake Partner tooling holder for punch presses and press brakes.

Higher deposition rates with metal-cored wire

The FabCOR F6 metal-cored wire from Hobart provides higher deposition rates and faster travel speeds than solid wires to help increase productivity on single-pass, flat and horizontal welding applications.

Full digital control for TIG/stick welding

ESAB has introduced two inverter-based welding systems, ET 220i AC/DC and ET 301i AC/DC that offer full digital control the TIG and stick welding (MMA/SMAW) welding arc.

Electro magnetic chuck

Electro magnetic chucks from Samchully, the EPD chucks, are suitable for five face machining operations.

Vertical column cold saw

The Kalamazoo Machine Tool model C370 A-NC cold saw is a fully automatic, rugged heavy-duty vertical column machine engineered for vibration-free sawing.

Machining in the cloud: Matrix MachiningCloud connection

Commodity & Tool Management Services (CTMS), a business unit of the IMC Group, and MachiningCloud GmbH, an Indusry 4.0 solution provider have announced the availability of the Matrix Machining Cloud Connection.

New digital boring heads

The precision and ruggedness of BIG KAISER boring heads deliver measurable performance advantages, significantly reducing finishing cost and cycle time. This is proven through the development of the EWE digital boring head.

Modular heads for changeable end mill system

Tungaloy Corp. has expanded its TungMeister changeable-head endmill system. The latest addition involves a new modular head line of TungForce-Rec, miniature shoulder milling cutter series.

Carbon arc gouging torch

The Arcair brand of ESAB has been expanded with the addition of the AirPro X4000 torch and cable.

Premium milling grades, latest post-coating treatment

Gold-QuadF high-feed cutters from Ingersoll Cutting Tool Co. feature robust edge geometries to promote longer tool life and super-free cutting geometries for removal rates up to 66 per cent higher.

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