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DMG MORI has launched the DMU 340 Gantry.

The DMU 340 Gantry with its 35.3 ft³ work area volume was developed especially for

large component machining in the aerospace industry, tool and mould making and general mechanical engineering.

The standard version with 173.2 x 106.3 in (439.93 x 270 cm) table provides space for workpieces weighing up to 22,046 lbs. The maximum load can optionally be increased to 66,138.7 lbs. Larger travel distances can be added on request: 236.2 inches (600 cm) in the X-axis and 59.1 inches (150.1 cm) in the Z-axis.

By default, the DMU 340 Gantry achieves travel distances of 133.9 x 110.2 x 49.2 in (340.1 x 280 x 125 cm), allowing workpieces up to 173.2 x 119.7 x 60.7 inches (439.93 x 304 x 154.2 cm) to be machined – within the smaller 635.1 ft² footprint. The production of complex large components is facilitated by the B-axis milling head’s 50° swivel plane, enabling the machining of angles up to -10 °.

The DMU 340 Gantry uses the SK40 speedMASTER motor spindle as standard, produced in-house with 15,000 rpm and 317.2 ft lbs. The range of spindle modules allows application-specific equipment with HSK-A63 speedMASTER spindles with up to 30,000 rpm or up to 105.9 hp for high machining performance with excellent surfaces at the same time.

The HSK-A100 spindles with 317.2 ft lbs torque for heavy-duty machining, specifically in mould making, round off the comprehensive range of spindles on offer. There is space for 30 tools in the chain magazine as standard. The optional wheel magazine provides space for 63 tools and can be extended to up to 183 tool pockets.

  • Stable: One-piece, thermo-symmetrical machine bed of EN-GJS-600 for maximum rigidity and accuracy
  • Dynamic: Wear-free, highly dynamic linear drives in the X- and
    Y-axis with up to 0.5 g and 3,543.3 in/min (8771 cm/min) rapid traverse (optional), ram with integrated C-axis as direct drive for highest dynamics in 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Modular: Expandable to 236.2 in (600 cm) in the X-axis and 59.1 in (150.1 cm) in the Z-axis
  • Flexible: B-axis milling head with direct drive and 50° swivel plane for the machining of angles up to -10°
  • Powerful: Extensive range of spindle modules with HSK-A100 motor spindles up to 317.2 ft lbs
  • Intelligent: CELOS control for simple operation, holistic integration into company organization and continuous IoT performance
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