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Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions has announced three new systems that it says will reduce labour and improve performance throughout the machining process.

The systems will be front and centre at Jorgensen’s booth at IMTS 2022.

The new PermaClean Filtration System eliminates sludge buildup by adding optional agitation to the coolant collection tank. Eductor nozzles keep coolant in motion, suspending chip particulates and preventing them from settling. Collection tanks equipped with PermaClean combined with cyclonic filtration are virtually maintenance free and reduce the labour required for frequent tank cleaning.

PermaClean incorporates into Jorgensen’s multi-step filtration system that includes the EcoFilter conveyor and filter cell, additional filtration options and fine filtration for high-pressure applications. It also adapts as an option to improve the performance of any Jorgensen filtration system on the market.

To further reduce coolant tank maintenance, Jorgensen now offers Will-fill, a new metalworking fluid optimizer. Will-fill combines automatic volume measurement and metalworking fluid analysis with preccision filling, permanent conditioning and real-time reporting.

FlexForce is Jorgensen’s new high-pressure coolant system, available in 500 and 1,000-PSI options. It breaks through the heat-generated vapor barrier created at the cutting tool and workpiece that can cause surface deformities and damage tooling. FlexForce penetrates this barrier and gets coolant directly to the cutting zone, improving lubrication and heat dissipation, speeds and feeds and chip control. It also increases coolant and tool life and provides improved surface finishes.

Jorgensen will feature PermaClean, FlexForce and Will-fill at IMTS 2022, Sept. 12-17, in Chicago, Illinois, along with the company’s recently released modular FlexFiltration line, chip processing systems, conveyors and the new Auger Assist Conveyor.


5 axis grinding centre

The new Magerle MFP 50 five axis grinding centre from United Grinding Technologies features an automatic grinding wheel and tool changer, representing one of the most flexible, multi-tasking CD grinders in the Magerle family, says the company.

Vise for five-sided machining

The adjustable center jaws of Dapra's new Allmatic Centro Gripp Vise allow a workpiece to be held during the complete machining process "from start to finish" with one unit.

High speed machine tool scanning system

The SPRINT system from Renishaw is designed to bring what the company says is high speed, high accuracy scanning to CNC machine tools.

CAM software for complex waterjet cut parts

OMAX has developed an advanced version of its waterjet cutting CAM software.

Improved radial arm drills

Knuth has introduced a new "R" series radial arm drills that range from 33 mm (1.3 in.) drilling capacity with a 813 mm (32 in.) spindle to column distance all the way to a 100 mm (3.94 in.) drilling capacity size with a spindle to column distance of 3,150 mm (124 in.).

0.7 mm SwissNano

Tornos has introduced a new 0.7 mm (0.03 in.) SwissNano model, the SwissNano 7.

Coated ER collet system

Parlec has released the new P3 ER collet system, the first coated ER collet system according to the company.

Quick change pallet system for AM

Schunk has introduced the sealed quick-change VERO-S NSE-AM mini 78-20 pallet system.

Compact five axis VMC

Doosan's new DNM 200/5AX is a compact five axis vertical machining centre designed with an affordable price point for manufacturers machining complex prismatic parts.

Automation and nesting enhancements to CAD/CAM software

The 2018 R1 release of Alphacam from Vero Software includes considerable enhancements to automation and nesting functions.


Six axis collaborative robot

The new six-axis HC10 collaborative robot from Yaskawa Motoman can work safely with – or close to – human operators.

Online data management for welding

ESAB has introduced an online data management platform, WeldCloud, that works with the company's Aristo MIG semi-automatic, Aristo MIG 5000iR robotic and LAF/TAF sub arc welding systems.

Cut pipe, box sections or profiles with one machine

HGG’S newest Multi-Profile Cutting Machine (MPC 450 2.0) provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for manufacturers that can no longer justify a dedicated machine for pipe profiling alone.

ARKU enters deburring market with new machine

ARKU has launched EdgeBreaker, a new deburring and rounding machine that marks the company's entry into a new market.

Flexible manufacturing systems product range

Automation equipment and software manufacturer Fastems LLC is launching a FMS product family of flexible manufacturing systems.

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