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Iscar offers several Industry 4.0 standard digital tools, enabling manufacturers to access data for easy to use machining calculations that are readily available, says the company.

Users can downlad Iscar's best cutting tool recommendations and cutting data from anywhere at any time. The company's Tool Advisor (ITA) automatically calculates the preferred cutting tools for a job and all users have to do is enter a few machining parameters.

The ITA is an Industry 4.0 standard and is a user-friendly, cyber-based tool selection software that uses a unique mathematical algorithm. The tool selection process maximizes productivity and is based on objective technical data as opposed to an intuitive method of search. For this fourth industrial revolution, it is the optimal tool advisor based on application parameters and available machine power. It works in conjunction with Iscar's electronic catalog, from where the tool parameters are accessed and used for continuing machine processing. The ITA also includes sub-applications such as machining power, grades and chipformer selection tools.

The tool advisor reduces tooling scenarios while accounting for cutting conditions, workpiece material, machine power and metal removal rates. The ITA places emphasis on customer profitability while assuring the right method of tool search for any application. To receive quick results, users need to enter only a few mandatory fields (two to six). For more detailed data, users can complete additional detailed fields specifying machine parameters, tool diameters, tool type, and workpiece material. The calculations will present the three most recommended tool selection results. Up to 24 additional tool recommendations will be available. The results include tool details, insert details, cutting conditions, power, metal removal rate and cutting time. ITA supports both inch and metric platforms and supports 25 different languages.

Click here to access Iscar ITA.

In addition to ITA, Iscar's Complete Machining Solutions electronic catalog is a search engine with multi-tasking capabilities. It enables fast searching for all Iscar tools and inserts and shows parametric values alongside technical specifications. The electronic catalog is constantly updated and provides users with the very latest guide information.

The electronic catalogue displays 2D and 3D tool models, pictures and links to product videos. It also provides an anti-collision and verification tool path for CAD-Cam users. The ITA software is available free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a direct connection to an ITA support team member.

To connect with the ITA software click here.

To meet the growing standards of the Industry 4.0 era, Iscar has launched additional apps to assist users in their daily routines of metal cutting. The company is present on the Machining Cloud application where cutting tool assemblies can be built quickly and easily. The IQ Cloud is available through the Machining Cloud application and is designed for desktop computers and popular tablets. The Iscar IQ Cloud enables programmers to build and download 3D assembly models for CAD CAM users. The Tool Selector section of the application provides users with a method of selecting cutting tools from a tree structure using either a hierarchy or parametric search.

Iscar’s Catalog Application offers many hundreds of technical pages and user guide information, which appear in the main hard copy catalogs and are available for downloading from the App Store or Google Play. The electronic catalog pages feature the same interface used in the paper catalogs, with an additional search method for users who seek online or offline catalog related information.

“Industrealize” is an added Industry 4.0 feature on Iscar's web site. Industrealize provides explanations and illustrative animations that depict industry oriented metalworking processes in a vivid and descriptive manner. The Industrealize section shows popular metalworking applications for many industry sectors such as automotive, aerospace, die and mould, oil and gas, medical and many more industries associated with metal cutting. The section also recommends the best tools for each application type.

To learn more, visit this section online.

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Iscar’s new Matrix is an additional Industry 4.0 tool management system to control inventory, streamline purchasing and drive down costs. It combines an innovative automated tool dispenser with Matrix-TM, a powerful management software program. Access to an item stored in locked bins is electronically controlled by the management software, according to pre-defined authorizations. Flexibility is the key to any storage solution and the Matrix system features modular drawer and bin configurations that can be exchanged for different bins, giving the user an infinite number drawer of configurations. Add-on cabinets for additional space may be connected with a click of a cable. Multiple cabinets can be deployed in different locations and networked to run from one common database.

This system comes in different sizes and configurations, with the possibility to grow as a manufacturer's needs change. The Matrix technology includes: a patented locking system, touchscreen, plug & play "smart" electronics,an ergonomic design and remote diagnostics.

Learn more about the system here.

Flexible manufacturing systems product range

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Laser welder with temperature control

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Environmentally safe cutting lube

Hougen Manufacturing has announced their new RotaGel Cutting Lube.

Thick turret tooling series

Wilson Tool International has introduced iSeries, its new line of thick turret tooling.

Permanent part marking

The Micro Mark is a versatile compact dot peen marker ideal for handheld applications as well as on-machine integration.

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The JC899 Hybrid Stack finisher and JC898 rougher from Seco Tools are ideal solutions for holemaking and milling operations in hybrid stacked materials.

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The all-electric Salvagnini P1.ABA panel bender for 2018 is a smart, adaptive machine newly redesigned for flexible kit and single piece part production.

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INDEX's new generation ABC machine is designed for turning simple to moderately complex parts in cycle times up to 15 per cent faster than previous generation machines, with rapid spindle acceleration (8 g), shorter spindle ramp-up times, higher rapid traverse rates and quick chip-to-chip times.

High speed machine tool scanning system

The SPRINT system from Renishaw is designed to bring what the company says is high speed, high accuracy scanning to CNC machine tools.

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Multi-axis laser fabricating

The TruLaser Cell 3000 from TRUMPF is a five axis laser machine for fine cutting, precision welding and additive manufacturing.

CMTS Exhibitor Spotlight: Horn USA (Booth 2659)

At CMTS 2019 Horn USA will exhibit DDHM, a CVD diamond-tipped tool system for machining of bores and countersinks in carbides and sintered ceramics with a hardness of up to 3,000 HV.

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PFERD has developed a new product in its line of flexible abrasive stars for work on hard-to-reach inner surfaces of bores and pipes.

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