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Iscar is launching a new line of cutting tools at IMTS, recently unveiled as the IQ series.

The new series includes the Dove IQ Turn heavy duty line, Dove IQ Drill 700 line, the Dove IQ mill 845 line, and the Dove IQ Grip Tiger Line. Little has been published about the new products, which feature upgraded cutting tools with new designs and new features.

In addition to the new IQ line, the company has introduced several other products. Among the many that will be showcased at ITMS is FF SOF, a new economical solution for high feed milling applications. The new cutters are designed with a nominal cutting edge angle of 15°. Two new inserts--T490 LNHT 0804PNR-RD and T490 LNHT 1306PNTR-RD--for ramping down applications feature positive rake face, 4 R.H. sharp ground cuttings edges and are suitable for general use metal cutting applications.

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