Tungaloy's DeepTriDrill series expandedClick image to enlarge

Tungaloy has expanded its indexable gundrill series, DeepTriDrill, to include a diameter range of ø28.01 mm – ø40 mm or ø1.1” – ø1.57”.

Deep hole drilling is a challenging operation, often inducing bottlenecks in many manufacturing shops. Brazed gundrills and solid twist drills are traditional tools for this operation. The typical brazed gundrills usually accommodate a single flute, non-coated carbide tip, which constrain its applications to low parameter drilling. The solid twist drill is better for high feed drilling; however, curved holes and chip clogging are common setbacks. Reconditioning and inventory management also incur significant extra costs with manufacturers.
The new DeepTriDrill range incorporates three inserts and two guide pads oriented in an optimized position on the drill head. This helps achieve high accuracy regarding hole circularity, straightness, and surface finish, which was traditionally reserved for brazed gundrills. The insert features chipbreakers designed to create optimal chip flow during deep hole drilling. Improved chip evacuation and reduced cutting forces enable higher feed rates than traditional gundrills. The coated inserts and guide-pads also allow DeepTriDrill to reach higher cutting speeds, which is difficult with brazed gundrills.
DeepTriDrill also facilitates inventory management thanks to its indexable system. This large diameter range expansion complements DeepTriDrill, further enhancing its product positioning in the deep hole drilling market for high productivity and economy.
• Optimized insert and guide pad orientations, based on BTA drilling technology, for high accuracy with hole circularity, straightness, and surface finish
• Allows 1.5-3 times higher feed rates than that of brazed gundrills
• Economical two edged inserts and double ended guide pads
• Chipsplitters on the chipbreaker geometry for optimized chip evacuation
• Service free: no reconditioning or tool inventory management required
• Two drill body types available: MCTR for use in machining centres and lathes; and TRLG for use in dedicated gundrill machines
• Total of 33 drill body items, 12 insert items, and 4 guide pad items

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