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Amada's Fiber Laser Welder (FLW) achieves a high speed, high quality weld not possible with a conventional laser welder, says the company. The FLW is a complete welding solution that is equipped with a unique processing head, offline programming capabilities and many productivity enhancing features. 

Amada's Fiber laser technology provides Process Range Expansion (PRE) by ensuring precise, high speed results even when processing reflective materials such as brass and copper. 

The FLW is equipped with a patented rotating lens. With this unique feature, the laser beam is no longer aligned with a specific point along the target path — instead it circles within a small area as it is welding. A rotating lens makes it possible to bridge larger and uneven gap sizes while producing a clean, even weld. The heat input into the material is also optimized and results in precisely defined weld edges with virtually no unnecessary deposits of material. 

FLW Series Key Features: 

  • Automatic Beam Focus — Adjusts the focus lens to an optimum setting based on the set welding conditions. 
  • Welds reflective materials such as brass and copper. 
  • Beam weaving by lens rotation versus robot axis rotation produces fast, accurate and smooth results. 
  • Teaching Assist System (TAS) — Uses a CCD camera to accurately compensate for any deviation from the targeted welding path. 
  • Amada's FLW-CAM software improves user efficiency through offline robot teaching — simulating movements based on 3D data. 
  • A large reduction in electricity costs is made possible due to a high heat exchange efficiency. Maintenance cycles are also improved due to the reduction of mirrors and other optical components. 

The FLW's 4 kW fiber engine produces a laser beam with a wavelength that is approximately one-tenth of that emitted by a conventional CO2 laser — resulting in Process Range Expansion (PRE). Amada's fiber laser technology provides unmatched beam quality, electrical savings and the ability to weld dissimilar and reflective metals with precision and higher quality. 

Amada's patented rotating lens enables the fiber laser beam to rotate as the welding robot is processing. This enables the welding robot to follow a direct path of travel as it is welding. Large-gap parts, filler-feeding and aluminum can now be processed efficiently on the FLW. 

The NC Auto Focus Control feature adjusts the focus lens to an optimum position based on the welding conditions set on the AMNC/PC Control. This key feature increases productivity by automatically outputting a narrow beam for welding and a wider beam to weld radius corners. 

Continuous Waveform (CW) welding ensures high speed, smooth results that cannot be achieved by pulse welding. 

  • Minimize post processing 
  • Increase weld quality, processing speeds and repeatability

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