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Doosan Machine Tools has unveiled the new NHP horizontal machining centre series.

Designed to achieve rapid metal removal rates in industries including automotive and aerospace, the 400 mm 15.75 in.) pallet NHP 4000 and 500 mm (19.68 in.) pallet NHP 5000 are configurable for a range of applications.
The NHP machines come standard with a 15,000 rpm spindle with 140 horsepower and 169 ft-lbs of torque. For heavy cutting, a high-torque 15,000 rpm spindle with 223 ft-lbs is available, and a 20,000 rpm spindle is in development for customers with higher speed precision applications.
Up to 1G acceleration/deceleration on X, Y and Z-axes enhances productivity and delivers productivity increases as high as 25 per cent over the previous model. Ball screw shaft and bearing cooling systems keep the temperature of fast moving axes stable, ensuring precision machining.
The new random access disc-type tool magazine allows high speed 0.9 second tool-to-tool and 2.3 second chip-to-chip times. In addition to minimizing non-cutting time, this design also reduces vibration, resulting in more stable operation.
In optimizing the construction of the machine, the footprint of the NHP has been reduced by 15 per cent compared to the previous model, yet the machining area has been expanded by 18 per cent. The three point leveling design makes machine installation and maintenance simpler, and the centre through bed evacuates large volumes of chips efficiently.
The pallets can accommodate loads of up to 400 kg (880 lbs), for the NHP 4000 and up to 500 kg (1100 lbs) for the NHP 5000, and both through pallet and overhead hydraulic fixturing options are available. Additionally, the APC has been refined to achieve a 27 per cent faster indexing time.

New machine tool accessories catalogue

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., the exclusive North American importer of standard and custom Live Tools, Angle Heads, and Multiple Spindle Tools manufactured by Heimatec GmbH, has released its new catalog.

70° lead on face milling tool

Tungaloy has expanded its DoPent face milling line with a new cutting edge geometry and grade. The cutter has a 70° lead to enable it to take greater depth of cuts than traditional 45° lead cutters, says the company.

TRUMPF's new generation disk laser

TRUMPF has launched its  latest generation TruDisk lasers, a solid state laser designed for today's smart systems with Industry 4.0 enabling tools. The new laser disks premiered at the Laser-World Photonics trade fair in Shanghai.

New tapping tool now in “D” station size

Wilson Tool International  has announced that its QuickTap tapping tool is available for the D station as well as the previously available C station size.

Disc mill cutter range extended

Seco Tools has expanded its range of disc milling inserts and cutter bodies.

Sanding disc removes more material faster

A new sanding disc from Walter Surface Technologies, Topcut, is designed with a new formulation of blue zirconium grain blend to remove more material faster, says the company.

Heavy duty grinders

Walter Surface Technologies has introduced the Ironman and Ironman PS heavy duty grinders.

New pulsed fiber laser welding system

Amada Miyachi America Inc. new LMF70-HP pulsed fiber laser welding system is an addition to its LMF Series of lasers. The 70 watt (W) LMF70-HP is ideal for welding small components and thin metals up to .25 mm (0.01-in.) thick.

High-precision touch sensor

High-precision metalworking tooling manufacturer BIG KAISER has introduced the Base Master Red, a high-precision touch sensor that rapidly determines workpiece offsets and tool lengths, and the Base Master Mini, a thin, compact tool offset sensor.

"On the fly" laser drilling made easy

Prima Power Laserdyne–SmartPerf is an application inspired tool for programming and laser drilling of simple to complex patterns of holes in linear and cylindrical paths in 2D and 3D parts.

Advanced welder training

Lincoln Electric's RealWeld Advanced Trainer gives students and prospective employees a live-arc, multi-sensory learning experience that merges actual welding with advanced motion tracking technology.

New end mills from Haimer

Haimer introduces its newest line of end mills, the Basic Mill.

Grooving inserts for 2 mm width, also Imperial sizes

Tungaloy has expanded its TungCut multifunctional grooving and parting-off tool system with 21 total new inserts in a 2.0 mm width as well as imperial specifications.

Best-in-class silicon gathering

Hobart’s FabCOR Edge XP metal-cored wire is formulated to deliver a balanced arc, along with best-in-class silicon gathering and weld bead contouring.

High density welding robot

Motoman VA1400 II is a new seven axis welding robot for high density layouts developed by Yaskawa Motoman.

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