The MAWA 300B from Amada Weldtech is perfect for welding dissimilar materials and conductive metals.Click image to enlargeThe high performance MAWA-300B pulsed micro TIG welding power supply is ideal for pulse arc welding of coils and terminals, bus bars and coated wires in the automotive, medical, battery and electronics industries.

Touch start and pulsation features offer a higher level of control resulting in consistent, reliable welds, while the unit supplies 30 amps to 300 amps of output power, making it perfect for welding dissimilar materials and conductive metals.

The Pulsation feature significantly reduces porosity, while its Touch start feature controls and identifies weld location.

The Monitoring function checks the upper and lower limits of the current and the envelope of the waveform and identifies process errors. Its digital programming interface/HMI allows for easy control of pulse form. It weighs 45 kg (100 lb) with a 208 VAC, three-phase, 50/60 Hz power requirement.

Maintaining your MIG gun and welding costs, by Grant Peppers

Selecting the right MIG gun for your welding application, and maintaining it properly, is just as important to your overall productivity as any other part of the welding operation.

Prima Power: Servo Electric Press Brake

The new eP-1030 press brake by Prima Power is based on extensive experience in press brakes and servo electric machine tools for sheet metalworking.

Unique machining concept: Multi-task turning

Mazak's Orbitec 20 is a unique machine originally developed as a customized solution for a customer application.

Fast setup with new punch holders

Wilson Tool launched an innovative, yet simple approach to punch holding at the recent FABECH 2011 show in Chicago, IL.

Welding robotics

Understanding the benefits and building the case for the investment

By Brian Doyle, sales manager, Miller Welding Automation

The thought of converting to an automated welding system can be intimidating, even to the point that it causes the decision makers to disregard the process altogether.

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