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Fein has developed a new version of its KBH system, the KBH 25 handheld metal core drilling tool, which includes two new models. Steel and metal builders can handle holes up to 25 mm (1 in.) diameter quickly and economically even in nonmagnetic metals and difficult-to-reach spots.

The new KBH 25-2 U is a 5-in-1 model offering core drilling, hole sawing in sheet metal, twist drilling, tapping and countersinking.

Core drilling in metal

The Fein core drill product line, which has been on the market since 1984, is comprised of a broad range in four performance classes for metalworking. With product innovations and an extensive range of accessories, FEIN offers customers solutions matched to the specific application and further expands its market leadership in the core drilling field. The internationally successful company has its headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau, Germany. FEIN power tools are famous for their high quality, powerful motors, service life and precision for tough continuous use in trade and industry.

Hand-held metal core drilling systems: KBH 25

Handheld core drilling in metal places extremely high demands on a power tool. The patented KBH 25 product line complements our magnetic core drills and is an economical alternative to twist drilling: because the core bits only machine a narrow ring and work almost six times faster than twist drills. The HSS pilot bit of the KBH 25 drills as long as necessary at 1,600 rpm and is decoupled as soon as the core bit contacts the material. This allows all of the feed pressure to be used for core drilling. The speed is automatically reduced to 520 rpm, ensuring an optimal cutting speed for carbide core bits. It results in a powerful hand drill with special carbide core bits that simplifies hole drilling by metal workers on already assembled metal structures.

The KBH 25 also works reliably on uneven and nonmagnetic metals such as stainless steel or aluminium.The material can be concave or convex, coated, rusted or corrugated, and can still be drilled efficiently. It does not require any minimum material thickness and due to its compact design and 3.3 kg (7.3 lb) weight, and it‘s also ideal for core drilling in difficult-to-reach spots.

These new generation KBH 25-2 U and KBH 25-2 S models were developed in close collaboration with users: working up to 30 per cent faster than the previous model, the KBH 25. With a current speed of 1,600 rpm, the pilot drilling takes place three times faster than before. A six-step speed adjustment and safety clutch enables the use of hole saws up to 80 mm in diameter. Tool-free accessory changes are carried out in seconds. One click and the bit is perfectly seated.

In addition, the new KBH 25-2 U model is equipped with a mechanical two-speed gearbox. The speed can be manually adjusted to the particular task with a switch, so the change from core to twist drilling is fast and easy. This makes the KBH 25-2 U an ideal machine on the building site for economical core and twist drilling. Metal builders can cover a range of different applications with this system including core drilling, hole sawing, twist drilling, tapping and countersinking.

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