This innovative insert seating substantially eliminates the tendency for vibrationsClick image to enlargeThe Walter Cut DX18 double-edged grooving and parting off inserts have insert widths of 1.5-4 mm (0.059-0.157-in.) and the cutting insert is seated in the insert pocket with a unique prismatic design.

This innovative insert seating substantially eliminates the tendency for vibrations, increasing insert life as well as tool holder life. The design also prevents incorrect engagement, especially for narrow insert widths, and enables an extremely high indexing accuracy.

The elevated protective edge is an feature of these carbide inserts that protects the clamping finger of the tool holder from chip-wash and acts as an additional chip breaker.                       

New DX18 geometries include:

  • "C" cut off geometries—CF6, CF5, and CE4
  • "G" grooving geometries GD6, and GD3
  • "U" universal geometries UF4, UD4 and UA4 for groove turning, parting off and grooving
  • The UD4 acts as a unique trouble shooter to achieve exceptional chip control.
  • "R" full-radius geometries for copy turning and radius grooving include a sintered RF7.
  • The holders for these inserts are made for swiss style machines as well as conventional lathe and bar feeder machines.

The holders have either precision thru-coolant configuration or external coolant configuration. The G4014-P holders are uniquely designed for swiss machines, allowing inserts to be indexed while on the machine gang tooling.

The G4011 holders are offered for conventional lathes in both square shank and Capto style designs, while the G4041 blade style holders are ideal for parting off close to shoulders in a limited space.

5 axis VMC for small parts


The Vertical Center Universal (VCU) 400A-5X vertical machining centre from Mazak features a five axis rotary/tilt table with roller gear cam technology for cost-effective simultaneous five axis machining, claims Mazak. The machine features a small footprint and comes standard with a 10,000 rpm 15 hp 40-taper spindle. An optional 12,000 rpm spindle is available.

Factory operations and machining control software

Okuma America Corp. has released Connect Plan, a software-based system for collecting and measuring data to adjust processes for increased productivity.

Autofeed bandsaw

Tormach Inc. has introduced the AF50 autofeed bandsaw.

New line of reinforced part blades

Walter has introduced the G1041, a new line of parting blades with a reinforced shank that ensures maximum stability and reliable grooving processes, says the company.

Straightener for advanced high strength steels

Coe Press has improved its 350 series power straighteners with new design features that enable processing of a wider range of materials, including Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS). 

Gear hobbing unit for machining gears on turning centres

WTO's gear hobbing unit offers maximum flexibility, high quality and optimal handling, according to WTO's Canadian distributor, Mittmann.

Integrated dress pack for new arc welding robot

ABB Robotics has added an integratred Dress pack (ID) model to its IRB 2600 range of mid-sized robots, introducing a 2 m reach, 8 kg payload model for arc welding, IRB 2600ID.

Doosan expands turning centre line

Doosan has expanded its range of Puma GT series turning centres with four new models: the Puma GT2600, GT2600M, GT2600L and GT2600LM. The family of four Puma GT2600 turning centres joins the Puma GT2100 and GT2100M, introduced in late 2013.

Toolholding for high performance machining

 A toolholding system for high performance machining developed by German tooling manufacturer Haimer is gaining in popularity in North America.

Low profile magnetic core drill

The new JMC USA90 “Slugger” mag core drill from FEIN features light weight and a low profile.

Circular cold saw with variable speed drive

Scotchman Industries' American-made CPO 350VS (Variable Speed Drive) Circular Cold Saw is designed for fabricators cutting a wide range of material.

Roughness sensor enables use of CMMs for surface inspection

The new Zeiss Rotos roughness sensor enables the use of coordinate measuring machines to completely inspect surface waviness and roughness – even on complex workpieces, and all in a single measurement run without any reclamping.

Chuck for turning operations

Sandvik Coromant has introduced the CoroChuck 935, a high precision hydraulic chuck for turning operations that offers pull out security.

Automated plasma power sources

The Victor Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut XT series power sources from Victor Technologies is designed for automated plasma cutting and delivers what the company claims is higher productivity and lower cutting costs.

Updated online configurators

Bernard has launched new versions of its BTB Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Gun and Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun online configurators.

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