Depending on the material and application, the new Tiger-tec Gold PVD grade achieves performance improvements of up to 75 per cent in automotive, energy and aerospace industries.Click image to enlargeNew Tiger·tec Gold PVD grade WSP45G from Walter pushes the boundaries of what a cutting tool material can be expected to accomplish.

Use the inserts with all standard milling cutters in the Walter lineup, including Xtra·tec XT, Walter BLAXX and M4000 milling cutters.

They can also be used in Walter indexable insert drills such as the D4120 for ISO P steels, but also for difficult-to-cut materials from the ISO S and M material groups.

The unique TiAlN-Al2O3 multilayer coating system makes the WSP45G extremely resistant to abrasive wear and high temperatures, with controlled residual stresses and less flank wear. A special mechanical post-treatment improves thermal crack resistance and protects the cutting edge from micro-spalling. The light gold-colored topcoat of the multilayer system makes it easier to detect wear. Unused cutting edges are reliably identified, making it possible to use the full potential of the indexable insert.

These are perfect for demanding machining tasks, such as materials with difficult cutting properties and interrupted cuts. Depending on the material and application, the new Tiger-tec Gold PVD grade achieves performance improvements of up to 75 per cent in automotive, energy and aerospace industries.

Milling cutters with high-feed face geometry

Walter has introduced the MC025 Advance and MD025 Supreme solid carbide milling cutters. 

New Walter grooving and parting grades

Walter has introduced three new Walter Cut GX Tiger·tec Silver CVD grooving and parting grades—the WKP13S, WKP23S and WKP33S—for use on steel and cast-iron applications.

Trouble Ahead?

by Andrew Brooks

Uncertainty mars manufacturing outlook

Reshaping the Future

by Noelle Stapinsky

Diversification and collaboration keep Canada’s tool, die and mould sector healthy and growing

New series of gas apparatus products

SabreCut is the name of a new series of gas apparatus products from ESAB, that includes straight cutting and combination torches, regulators, regulator-flowmeters, cutting tips and complete outfits.

Capacitive discharge power supplies

Amada Miyachi America has announced the CD-V series of capacitive discharge power supplies and the TL-V series weld heads.

Fiber laser technology

Coherent has introduced CleanWeld technology, an integrated laser welding approach that reduces spatter and improves process consistency.

Robotic welding for structural steel fabrication

The BeamMaster WELD robotic welding line from AGT Robotics is specially engineered for structural steel applications.

Flux cored wire withstands 1200°F heat

New Weld Mold 5551 flux cored wire withstands extreme heat conditions for extreme welding applications by maintaining superior hardness retention in temperatures as high as 1200°F, while costing about 50 per cent less than commonly used cobalt materials, claims the company.

Hybrid additive machine from Mitsui Seiki

Mitsui Seiki USA Inc. has developed new machining technology that combines an additive and subtractive process on one machine tool platform. Named the Vertex 55X-H, the new hybrid technology was introduced at IMTS 2016.

Higher-power models added to fibre laser welder line

Four new higher-power models have been added to the LF Series family of fibre laser welders from Amada Miyachi America.

Iscar’s die and mould making solutions

For any cutting tool manufacturer, die and mould making is a highly important customer segment.

Virtual welding simulators

Lincoln Electric has launched its new VRTEX virtual reality welding training simulators.

Threading insert grade for critical parts and materials

Seco Tools has introduced the new TTP2050 threading insert grade.

Tooling for bends without die marks

Mate Precision Tooling has introduced CleanBend press brake tooling that the company says enables high quality sheet metal forming.

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