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Tweco, an ESAB brand, has introduced three models of Centrovac fume extraction MIG guns that remove welding fumes at the gun nozzle to help meet OSHA and ACGIH standards.

When paired with the appropriate extraction unit, Centrovac reduces exposure to hexavalent chromium (generated when welding stainless steel), manganese, aluminum and other harmful fumes. The guns can assist with meeting particulate limits in the operator’s breathing zone and when working in confined areas, inside tanks or other situations with limited ventilation.

“Centrovac MIG guns create a cleaner, healthier and more attractive work environment because they capture welding fumes at the source,” says John Esposito, global product manager, ESAB. “Our new guns are extremely effective and ergonomically designed for the best comfort and weld quality results. Even at high volumes and vertical up welds, Centrovac’s fume extraction will not interfere with its shielding gas coverage.”

Tweco offers three models of fume extraction MIG guns:

  • The Tweco Centrovac 250C air-cooled unit is designed for light-duty fabrication applications; it has a rating of 250A at 60 percent duty cycle and can accommodate wire diameters up to .039 in.
  • The Tweco Centrovac 415C air-cooled gun meets the needs of medium- and heavy-duty fabrication like trailer manufacturing, shipyards, aerospace, tank and vessel welding. It has a rating of 60 percent duty cycle at 380A and can accommodate wire diameters up to 1/16 in.
  • The Tweco Centrovac 420CW water-cooled MIG gun is designed for heavy-duty welding and long duty cycles. Its high cooling flow rate allows the front end of the gun to cool more rapidly, extending consumables life by three to five times compared to air-cooled guns. It has a rated duty cycle of 100 percent at 430A and can use wires up to 1/16 in diameter.

Each Centrovac MIG gun features a light, balanced and ergonomic handle with the vacuum vent located at the front of the handle allowing the operator to easily adjust fume extraction rates by turning a band. This helps eliminate the potential for removing shielding gas in tight areas. The handle is comfortable to grip, and a robust steel knuckle joint between the gun and the cable allows for high flexibility and motion, especially around corners. A leather covering protects the hose from spatter and cuts. The gun’s back-end design is available in multiple connections and adapts to most brands of wire feeders. Centrovac guns use standard Tweco PSF consumables.

Centrovac gun cables feature a T connection to the extraction unit located about a foot above the power pin, which removes particulates before they can reach the gun/wire feeder connection point. For more location flexibility in manganese and general fume reduction applications, users can pair Centrovac with ESAB’s CarryVac 2 P150 portable extraction unit, which filters polluted air and captures it in a hygienically-packed filter. CarryVac 2 runs off 115V primary power and has an automatic start/stop function (based on sensing arc voltage) which increases the service life of the filter and reduces noise when not welding.


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