The ET 200iP PRO HF TIG/Stick inverter provides exceptional arc performance and full-function digital controls at an affordable price.Click image to enlargeESAB’s Rogue ET 200iP PRO is a new HF TIG/stick inverter with exceptional TIG performance and full-function digital controls.

The unit weighs 9.6 kg (21.2 lbs.) and delivers a 200A TIG output at 25 per cent duty cycle, perfect for mechanical contractors and those in general fabrication, maintenance and repair, rental, process pipe, food/beverage, farming and home workshops.

With a welding output range of 10 – 200 amps, it gives the arc control required for delicate welds and the power to run 5/32-in. stick electrodes, as well as the arc characteristics required for all types of stick electrodes, including 6010 and 7018. When procedures call for a TIG root and stick fill passes, ESAB says the Rogue ET 200iP PRO produces X-ray-quality results.

It has a pulsed DC TIG output range between 0.1 and 500 Hz pulses per second (PPS). Stainless steel fabricators and those working with thin metals or other heat-sensitive applications use pulsed DC TIG to control heat input, narrow the weld bead profile and increase travel speed. It delivers a stable TIG arc down to 10 amps, giving welders the control they need to work on thin metal or delicate components.

Its 115 – 230V primary power flexibility enables users to work in a wide variety of locations. Flexible automatic input voltage compensation ensures a steady welding arc throughout the entire input power range, making it ideal for use with generator power, which often fluctuates.

Its power factor correction (PFC) draws less primary current so welders can use a smaller circuit breaker when welding at full output. The PFC circuit also enables welding with up to 110 yards of cable extensions, further increasing flexibility.

New grinding steady rests designed for grinding applications

Kitagawa Northtech Inc. has recently introduced their new AS Series of Grinding Steady Rests. The AS Series completes their portfolio of Steady Rests designed and engineered for Grinding applications. The new AS Grind Steady Rests feature narrow retractable arms for easy automated part loading as well as many other capabilities for grinding applications. 

12kW fiber laser

Bystronic has introduced the ByStar Fiber 12kW with higher speeds, a newly designed cutting head with a slimmer profile, and an expanded spectrum of applications.

Resistance projection welding

by Larry Koscielski

What to look out for in projection welding of fasteners

Low manganese metal-cored welding wire

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products' new Coreweld C6 LF is a low manganese emission, high efficiency metal-cored welding wire was developed to meet new US EPA regulations and guidelines from the American Conference of Government Industrial Hygiene (ACGIH) for manganese exposure limits.

Stand alone controller for resistance welding

CenterLine has launched VeriFast MicroView, the latest addition to its fastener detection system product line.

Machining long, heavy parts

Mazak has introduced a new machine for shops that need to tackle long and heavy parts. the VTC-850E is a vertical traveling column machining centre that features an increased Y axis stroke, long bed/table size, high spindle speed and torque, and Mazak's new SmoothG CNC control for more powerful and efficient machining, claims Mazak.

Next gen boring tools for smoother machining

Sandvik Coromant has introduced its next generation of rough boring tools, which includes a Silent Tools solution.

Dedicated face grooving system improves process security

Cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant has introduced the CoroCut system developed exclusively for face grooving.

Multi-level rotary pallet system boosts capacity

Doosan Machine Tools has introduced a new multi-level rotary pallet system (RPS) for its NHP 4000 and NHP 5000 horizontal machining centers.

Force torque sensor software

Robotiq has launched Force Copilot software to operate Universal Robots’ e-Series embedded force torque sensor.

Solid carbide drills for stainless steel

Dormer Pramet has extended its Solid Carbide “Force X” program with a specific range for stainless steel applications called “Force M.”

A bird's eye view

by Tim Wilson

A flight path to success in aerospace manufacturing

Flexible panel bender

An ideal batch production machine, the brand new, stand-alone P2lean panel bender from Salvagnini also has the capacity to seamlessly switch from batch, to kit, or to single piece part production whenever required. This is undoubtedly one versatile machine no shop should be without.

Five metre X-axis turret punch press

LVD North America has introduced the Strippit V30 1550, a heavy-duty 30 metric ton turret punch press featuring a 200-inch (5 m) X-axis.

Laser Welding’s Future

by Nestor Gula

From science fiction to the floor of your shop

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