PFERD's PoliStar-Tube abrasive star lineClick image to enlarge

PFERD has developed a new product in its line of flexible abrasive stars for work on hard-to-reach inner surfaces of bores and pipes.

PoliStar-Tube is a multi-stage tubing system. To prevent corrosion on stainless steel pipes, the new abrasive star is manufactured using stainless steel rivets exclusively.

The flexible abrasive stars are well suited for small diameter bores and pipes in the ¼ - 1 ½ in. diameter range, performing an array of tasks such a cleaning, fine grinding and very fine grinding of bores; removal of heat discoloration in stainless steel after welding; inlet and outlet radiusing of bores; light deburring; and deburring in cross bores. It can be stacked in several layers, aligned at an offset from one another so that the abrasive has the optimal effect. It reduces setup times significantly as pads can be changed without removing the arbor from the collet.

This multi-stage internal fine-grinding system, used with the appropriate flexible shaft and motor drive, allows the PoliStar concept to be effective on the most difficult-to-access inner surfaces of pipes, pipe bends and deep bores. Available in a range of diameters and grit sizes, PoliStar-Tube is ideal for applications from rough cleaning and deburring up to very fine grinding, with surface finishes up to 8µ” Ra.

Positive locking tooling

Walter’s W-1011-P/WL25 Copy Turn system features a unique Walter-Lock (WL) positive locking technology that supports the inserts very close to the cutting zone, leading to reduced vibrations, high stability and highly improved tool life in profiling operations.

Smart apps for machine tool probing

Renishaw has developed smartphone apps for users of the company’s machine tool probing hardware.

Efficient abrasive pipe grinder

Scotchman‘s AL150 Abrasive Pipe Grinder/Notcher is economical, great for high production and an efficient abrasive pipe grinder that notches gas pipes, steam pipes, stainless steel pipes, and other types of pipes.

Overcome toolholder design flaw for 15-20% productivity gain

Manufacturers are increasing productivity 15-20% by addressing a flaw in toolholder-retention knob design that affects precision and increases cycle time

What if a small investment in time and attention could yield an increase in milling productivity by 15-20 per cent across the boards?

Five axis punching and shearing cell

Prima Power has introduced a new servo electric punching and shearing cell with a linear drive, Shear Brilliance.

Seamless finishing wheels leave no transition lines

Superior Abrasives’ Shur-Brite mounted seamless satin finishing wheels have a seamless structure for de-polishing and matte finishing without harsh and visible transition lines.

New insert grades for high strength, heat resistant materials

Seco now offers the MP2050 insert grade with an optimized balance of toughness and wear resistance to efficiently machine highstrength, heat-resistant materials.

Automatic air carbon-arc gouging unit boosts speeds by 5x

­Arcair, a Victor Technologies brand, has introduced the Arcair-Matic N7500, an automatic gouging system that offers five times greater productivity and 10 times faster clean-up compared to manual carbon arc gouging, claims the company.

Bar feeder for affordable part production automation

Haas Automation introduced its Servo Bar 300 bar feeder in 1999 and has launched the all new Haas Bar Feeder for what the company describes as a simpler and more affordable way to automate part production on Haas turning centres. 

New TRUMPF app for punching

The new PunchGuide app from TRUMPF, makes it easier to determine the calculations involved with punching. TRUMPF has packed its comprehensive expertise in mechanical engineering and punching technology into this practical app, designed for use with smartphones or tablet PCs.

Intelligent fiber laser cutting

Mazak Optonics Corp. has released a new OptiFlex fiber laser cutting series with its Zeta 9 technology, a series of six intelligent setup functions and three intelligent monitoring functions designed to reduce operator dependency and improve throughput and cut quality.

Solid-carbide cutters for medical implants

Seco Tools has introduced a new line of solid-carbide cutters specifically for medical knee implants.

100 new electronic digital micrometers

L.S. Starrett has introduced more than 100 electronic digital micrometers with new features for improved ergonomics, functionality and productivity.

Amada launches new fiber laser equipped with Locus Beam Control technology

Amada's latest innovation is the Ventis-3015AJ, a fiber laser cutting machine equipped with the company's "Locus Beam Control" (LBC) technology.

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