Both jaws of the fully encapsulated Kontec-KSX-C 5-axis vise can be moved, which means the centre can be individually adjusted. Click image to enlarge

Schunk has expanded its line of power-amplified five axis vises.

With an adjustable centre, the maintenance-free Kontec KSX-C is now available in four base body lengths – 330, 430, 500 and 630 mm (13, 17, 19.7 and 24.8 in.) and two heights each – 174 and 125 mm(6.85 and 4.9 in.).

The five axis vise is equipped with two jaws, which can be precisely moved by a laser-etched ruler. The clamping forces can be adjusted without tools between 4 kN and 40 kN, and are measured directly on the workpiece. The vise offers ample power for a safe hold even with minimum clamping surfaces. Workpieces are clamped quickly with the help of 160° quick clamping in a vibration resistant manner and at high repeat accuracy. As clamping of the workpieces is done by traction, only a limited bending load occurs on the base body. Also, the jaw guidance system and the arrangement of the clamping mechanism provide for a rigid, dimensionally stable setup, improving conditions for precise machining of the second side.

Both the drive and the adjustment mechanism of the five axis vises are completely encapsulated, protecting them against chips, dirt and cooling lubricant. In addition, the easy-to-clean design prevents chips from accumulating. The Kontec KSX-C fits into the modular system for Schunk's workpiece clamping.

The clamping pins of the Schunk Vero-S quick-change pallet system can be directly installed into the base body of the five axis clamping vise without the use of an adapter plate. In conjunction with the quick-change pallet system, the vise can be exchanged on the machine table in seconds with repeat accuracy.

On option, it can be equipped with standard, aluminum or special five axis top jaws. Alternatively, pendulum plates and numerous other standard jaws from Schunk’s selection of standard chuck jaws can be used.

Five axis punching and shearing cell

Prima Power has introduced a new servo electric punching and shearing cell with a linear drive, Shear Brilliance.

Punch press can punch, form, bend and tap

The LVD Strippit PX-1530 punch press can punch, form, bend and tap to efficiently complete multiple processes, including complex, three dimensional parts.

New tapping tool now in “D” station size

Wilson Tool International  has announced that its QuickTap tapping tool is available for the D station as well as the previously available C station size.

Extra-large format laser cutting system

Bystronic is expanding its BySprint Fiber laser cutting system with the 12020 extra-large format.

Version 7 of robotic programming platform

Hypertherm has introduced its new Robotmaster V7 software.

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