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The Laser Next 2141 is the new product in Prima Power’s 3D fibre laser machine range.

All the features of the Laser Next 1530 and 2130 systems, specialized for the processing of components for the automotive industry, are available in the new product, which is designed to be as universal and multipurpose as possible.
The working volume of this machine is the largest on the market (4140 x 2100 x 1020 mm) with a very compact footprint, and it is suitable to virtually all 3D stamped and flat sheet metal part sizes. Its technological features allow it to process both three-dimensional and two-dimensional parts, and to easily switch from cutting to welding applications.
Laser Next 2141 is the perfect balance of speed, accuracy, and reliability. The linear motors on the main axes, the direct drive on the focusing head, and advanced control systems, provide the highest dynamics in its market segment, with single axis speed of 120 m/min and trajectory speed of 208 m/min. This is combined with maximum accuracy (Pa and Ps= 0.03 mm) in a very large working envelope and with the best Overall Equipment Efficiency.
Laser Next 2141 is available in different configurations to suit any production.
The standard version with Fixed Tables exploits the entire working envelope to process large parts and features great accessibility from all sides. With the Split Cabin configuration, the working volume is separated by a removable wall and a sliding roof into two halves, where the parts are alternatively processed or loaded/unloaded in total safety. In this way, machine productivity is increased and, when needed for larger parts, the wall can be removed to restore the entire working envelope. For the fastest part handling operations without machine stops (cover time operation), the Turn-Table configuration is available. This is the ideal solution for large-series production of medium- to large-size parts. The Shuttle Tables version allows the fast and automatic movement of parts and fixtures outside the working area from the sides or the front of the machine. This is the solution for allowing large and heavy parts to be handled outside the working area and in case of complex setup. Combined with the Split Cabin, the Shuttle Tables configuration also allows cover time operations.
Laser Next 2141 is equipped with either a 3 or 4 kW Prima Power fiber laser, featuring high reliability, quality pumping diodes, better protection against back-reflections, a patented highly-reactive electronic shutter, and a high integration into the system.
As all Prima Power products, Laser Next 2141 is Industry 4.0 Inside and features innovative solutions for digital manufacturing and cloud-based communication. This productive and flexible machine interacts with the factory and with the whole enterprise, and customers have the power to remotely monitor, control, and predict the production process for the highest efficiency.

IMTS Spotlight: Modular quick-change tooling

Exhibitor: Exsys Tool   Booth: W-1671

The Preci-Flex modular quick-change tooling system has a selection of adapters that hold different cutting tool and shank designs.

5-axis, twin-spindle machining centre

The new twin-spindle DZ Series 22 from Chiron rapidly machines complex, large workpieces, including housings for electric motors and transmissions, oil pumps, chassis components, and more. The company also offers a four axis variant of the Series 22.

Chipbreakers for exotics, stainless steel alloys

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. has expanded its lineup to include EEG and EEF chipbreakers for exotics and stainless steel alloys.

 Designed for roughing applications, the EEG Chipbreaker features ball-shaped projection breakers for enhanced chip control.

TS 760 touch probe for five axis machining

Heidenhain has introduced the TS 760 touch probe, for use with its contouring TNC and other major CNC controls.

Tregaskiss introduces analog and Ethernet reamers

Tregaskiss has introduced the TOUGH GUN TT4A (analog) and TT4E (Ethernet) reamers.

Toyoda, Ace Micromatic ink strategic partnership

JTEKT Toyoda Americas Corp. and Ace Micromatic Group have formed a strategic alliance, signing a long-term agreement to offer the complete range of ACE high-speed production machines to the North American market. 

Norton right angle grinding abrasives guide

Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives has released a new 24 page abrasives product guide for right angle grinding.

TIG welding in the 200 amp class

Dynasty 210 and Maxstar 2010 are new welders from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. that deliver up to 210 amps of output power and high quality TIG and stick performance in what the company describes as "easy-to-use, versatile and portable packages" that allow for upgrades.

Multi-level rotary pallet system boosts capacity

Doosan Machine Tools has introduced a new multi-level rotary pallet system (RPS) for its NHP 4000 and NHP 5000 horizontal machining centers.

Mechanized welding system from Lincoln

The new Pantheon mechanized welding system from Lincoln Electric fills the need for automated, repetitive welding operations for submerged and open arc processes.

Press brake loaded with preset parameters

The Xpress press brake from Bystronic Inc. offers a compact modular machine design with additional functions, such as a choice of tool clamp and back gauge systems, to customize the machine to the production environment.

Next generation virtual reality welding training

With no need to use actual metal or gas or even a dedicated welding booth, Lincoln Electric’s new VRTEX Engage weld training solution brings the ease of virtual reality arc welding training to a student’s desktop.

Pulsed arc welding power supplies for coil termination

Amada Weld Tech has announced the availability of pulsed arc welding power supplies for precision joining applications, ensuring control and repeatability.

High performance carbide bur

PFERD Inc. has introduced Cast Cut, a new line of high performance carbide burs for work on cast iron. They are characterized by an extremely high stock removal rate, coupled with a smooth milling action that significantly reduces vibration and noise.

New tooling for copper bar processing

Mate Precision Tooling has developed new Special Spring Packs and Guides for Boschert Bus Bar presses.

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