Amada ENSIS 3015 RI fiber laser Click image to enlarge

The ENSIS Series from Amada achieves high speed cutting in thin material, a key capability of fiber technology.

It also has the ability to process thick plate efficiently. The Rotary Index is an integrated unit, allowing the cutting head to be positioned near the chuck—minimizing the dead zone. Bowed pipe or tubing can be cut without vibration while maintaining accuracy from end to end. The innovative design expands process range capabilities to cut a significantly wider variety of tubing and pipe. Amada's ENSIS 3015 RI can process round, square, rectangle, C channel, and angle iron, making it the most versatile Rotary Index laser cutting system available.

Standard Features
• ENSIS technology automatically adjusts the laser beam’s properties to process a wide range of thin-to-thick material without a lens change.
• 21.5 in touch screen AMNC 3i control
• ENSIS technology allows for continuous variable beam control across every thickness of material with no setup
• 1.4g acceleration over the entire work area
• Water Assisted Cutting System (WACS) uses an adjustable water mist to absorb heat generated by the cutting process
• Cut Process Monitoring for automatic pierce detection as well as plasma detection for thick stainless steel and aluminum
• SFP (Spatter Free Pierce) function for cleaner high speed piercing in thicker material
• Interlocked enclosure surrounds cutting area to ensure safety

Punching machines & punch tooling MetalTech Report

Eco-friendly technology
Designed as a lower-cost alternative to Amada’s flagship EM-series twin servo drive turrets, the AE-series has been designated as an “Eco Product” by the Japan Forming Machinery Association because of the machine’s reduced requirements for petroleum product and electrical consumption.

New series of gas apparatus products

SabreCut is the name of a new series of gas apparatus products from ESAB, that includes straight cutting and combination torches, regulators, regulator-flowmeters, cutting tips and complete outfits.

Short torch for 3D plasma cutting

HPRXD is a new modified torch developed by Hypertherm in cooperation with HGG Profiling Equipment B.V.

Small-footprint mist collector

Camfil APC  has introduced the EM-O Compact mist collector.

Multispindle automatic lathe

At IMTS 2018, INDEX will introduce its MS40-8 multispindle automatic lathe.

Multi-purpose portable welder

The Multiprocess 201 SLM from Canaweld is a powerful, portable and intelligent welding machine. 

3-edged threading

Tungaloy’s TungThread indexable thread turning tools now have three-edged internal threading inserts and dedicated toolholders for hole diameters as small as 7.4 mm (.291-in.). 

Norton right angle grinding abrasives guide

Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives has released a new 24 page abrasives product guide for right angle grinding.

Forty-five degree pyramid workholding for nesting five axis vises.

Kurt Manufactruing’s new Pyramid workholding platform is designed to attach three Kurt vises for five axis machining multiple parts in one load.

UV laser marking

TRUMPF has introduced the new TruMark 6350 laser with improvements in design and performance compared to prior versions of the UV marking laser.

Toolholding for high performance machining

 A toolholding system for high performance machining developed by German tooling manufacturer Haimer is gaining in popularity in North America.

Turning with a stronger corner radius

Indexable turning inserts from Walter are designed for applications where a soft cut and high precision is required.

Machining advanced composites

Lighter and stronger than ever, the new breed of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and laminates are elevating performance levels in applications ranging from downhill skis and tennis rackets to military aircraft and automobiles. Composites technology can help automakers reach their lightweighting goals faster than carbon fiber-reinforced plastics.

Higher capacity, longer working length press brakes

LVD Strippithas expanded its line of Dyna-Press series compact, portable high speed electric press brakes with two 24 ton models for higher capacity and a longer working length.

Weldable rust preventative fluid

Lincoln Electric’s RP6 Weldable Rust Preventative Fluid, a new, innovative oil-based fluid, provides up to six months of indoor corrosion protection by preventing rust on ferrous metals, while not adversely impacting the welding process, claims the company.

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