The new CoAE combines Röhm’s CoA and CoE offeringsClick image to enlargeRöhm’s CoAE face driver for turning and milling offers exchangeable driver discs and centers to machine very different workpiece geometries with just one basic setup.

The driver discs are mounted on the unit without any radial play to enable very high accuracy, even when the rotational direction is reversed during machining. An hydraulic drive support compensates for face perpendicularity errors and ensures a precise connection to the workpiece.

The driving disc teeth press into the driven face of the workpiece, so torque can be adequately transferred, ideal when you can’t reclamp a shaft and need to machine it to the end, or when clamping marks are not allowed on the workpiece OD surface. Face drivers like the CoAE are typically used in the manufacture of drive shafts, gear shafts, camshafts, rotor shafts and crankshafts.

The new CoAE combines Röhm’s CoA and CoE. The CoA, which is mainly used for turning, incorporates hydraulic compensation of the driver discs. The CoE’s provides the zero-play feature optimized for mill-turn machining of workpieces up to 350 kg (772 lbs).

The CoAE can be axially loaded by up to 8 kN to transfer sufficient torque for workpieces of this size. The unit’s concentricity is a very precise 0.015 mm.

The driver discs are exchangeable and cover a diameter range from 8 mm up to 80 mm. For particularly hard workpieces, use driver discs with exchangeable hard metal inserts. Röhm provides separate driver discs for counter-clockwise and clockwise rotation, as well as bi-directional driver discs that support both counter-clockwise and clockwise rotation.

Hydraulic down-acting press brakes

Amada's HS series press brakes are eco-friendly machines the company says provides maximum performance and ease of use.

Lightweight magnetic drilling units redesigned

The heavy-duty ICECUT line of magnetic drilling units from Walter Surface Technologies has been given a new design.

Platinum Tooling announces AMF partnership

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., has signed a import deal to sell marking and cleaning tools from Andreas Maier in North America under the AMF brand.

Probe software application

Marposs Corp. has announced its Ready2Probe software application.

Mustang GT contest winner announced

Walter Surface Technologies has announced the grand prize winner of its “Test Drive Flexsteel. Take Home a Mustang GT” contest.

Mitsubishi EDM, Matsuura partner on 3D manufacturing

MC Machinery Systems Inc., Wood Dale, IL, owned by Mitsubishi Corp., is partnering with machine tool builder Matsuura Machinery Corp., Fukui City, Japan, to introduce a 3D hybrid milling machine to the North American market (Canada and the US).

Submerged electrode resists corrosion

Select-SAI has introduced a new hard surfacing martensitic stainless steel wire, SelectWear 410NiMo.

Added configurations for robotic MIG gun

Tregaskiss has added configurations for additional through-arm style robot models to its Tough Gun TA3 Robotic Air Cooled MIG Gun offering.

Opening Drawers

by Kip Hanson

Automating CNC machine tools has not only become more necessary, but much easier as well

High feed milling cutter series

Tungaloy has introduced the AddDoFeed small diameter high feed milling cutter series in diameters ranging from 8 to 25 mm (5/16″ to 1″).

OSG Canada adds to tooling lineup

OSG Canada has added two new tooling lines to its product offering.

Defining new directions in virtual machining

Ed Robertson, Shop Metalworking Technology’s contributing editor, spoke with Yusuf Altintas about his work in virtual machining.

North American Robotic orders surge in 2014

Robot orders and shipments in North America set new records in the first nine months of 2014, according to Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the industry's trade group.

Drive Time?

by Noelle Stapinsky

In the face of a global pandemic, the questions facing Canada’s automotive supply sector will shape the industry for years to come

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