The new CoAE combines Röhm’s CoA and CoE offeringsClick image to enlargeRöhm’s CoAE face driver for turning and milling offers exchangeable driver discs and centers to machine very different workpiece geometries with just one basic setup.

The driver discs are mounted on the unit without any radial play to enable very high accuracy, even when the rotational direction is reversed during machining. An hydraulic drive support compensates for face perpendicularity errors and ensures a precise connection to the workpiece.

The driving disc teeth press into the driven face of the workpiece, so torque can be adequately transferred, ideal when you can’t reclamp a shaft and need to machine it to the end, or when clamping marks are not allowed on the workpiece OD surface. Face drivers like the CoAE are typically used in the manufacture of drive shafts, gear shafts, camshafts, rotor shafts and crankshafts.

The new CoAE combines Röhm’s CoA and CoE. The CoA, which is mainly used for turning, incorporates hydraulic compensation of the driver discs. The CoE’s provides the zero-play feature optimized for mill-turn machining of workpieces up to 350 kg (772 lbs).

The CoAE can be axially loaded by up to 8 kN to transfer sufficient torque for workpieces of this size. The unit’s concentricity is a very precise 0.015 mm.

The driver discs are exchangeable and cover a diameter range from 8 mm up to 80 mm. For particularly hard workpieces, use driver discs with exchangeable hard metal inserts. Röhm provides separate driver discs for counter-clockwise and clockwise rotation, as well as bi-directional driver discs that support both counter-clockwise and clockwise rotation.

Bombardier cuts cycle time by 81%

A tombstone application at Bombardier Aerospace's Witchita, KS, plant has helped the manufacturer rack up savings in set up time and reduce cycle times significantly.

Multi-purpose portable welder

The Multiprocess 201 SLM from Canaweld is a powerful, portable and intelligent welding machine. 

Sandvik Additive, Renishaw collaborate on additive manufacturing materials

Renishaw is collaborating with Sandvik Additive Manufacturing to qualify new additive manufacturing (AM) materials for production applications. This encompasses a broad range of metal powders, including new alloy compositions optimized for the laser powder-bed fusion (LPBF) process and which provide superior material properties.

Pinch/peel grinder with option for non-round punches and pins

Rollomatic's ShapeMart NP5 is a five axis pinch/peel grinder now available with a new grinding option for non-round punches and pins. It's offered with a new pantent pending production process, SmartPunch, for non-rund and complex tools.

Press brake with automatic tool changer

Amada's new HG ATC press brake with automatic tool changer was designed as a solution for variable lot sizes to eliminate costly delays associated with manual tool setups, says the company.

New designs in tool presetting from Zoller

Zoller has introduced new presetting and measuring devices including the venturion 450, the smileCompact and smile devices.

Paying a Premium

by Kip Hanson photos by David Afriat

Quebec manufacturer Usinage DDR rejects the job shop status quo in favour of automation

Automatic welding helmet

ESAB has developed a new automotic welding helmet that incorporates ergonomic headgeaur and adjustablity to increase productivity, functionality and useability, claims the company.

Entry level waterjet machine

An entry level waterjet machine, the MWX3 is a new machine from Mitsubishi designed for production environments and customers new to waterjet.

Robert Cattle new head for tooling, machining group

Robert Cattle has been named executive director for the Canadian Tooling and Machining Association (CTMA). He succeeds Les Payne, who has served as a volunteer director, president (2002-2004) and executive director for the past 30 years.

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