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Tungaloy has added 88 total exchangeable heads in five geometries to its TungMeister exchangeable milling head range.

The new additions are VFX high feed milling heads, a VBL lens-shape milling head for five axis machining, a VEE small-diameter square shoulder milling head, a VDS spot drilling and chamfering head, and a VDP centre drilling head.

The VFX milling head for high feed applications now offers a six flute version, in addition to existing two- and four-fluted milling heads. The new six flute milling head is available in AH750 grade suitable for machining of ISO H materials. Additionally, existing two- and four-fluted milling heads are offered with through-coolant channels as well, which direct precision coolant supply close to the cutting point for improved tool life and chip evacuation.

The new VBL lens-shape milling head has a convex cutting edge on the tool’s tip, instead of on the periphery, providing a good solution for machining a complex bottom surface. These end milling heads enable more material removal with fewer passes in 5-axis machining.

VEE square shoulder end milling heads are now available with an S04-size screw thread for secure and accurate coupling of a 6 mm diameter VEE head with the shanks in the same diameter of 6 mm. This feature makes it easier to use TungMeister VEE in Swiss machining applications.

VDS is a spot drilling head for creating a small dent on the surface of the material to correctly locate the centre of a drill when commencing a penetration, eliminating the risk of drill walking and helping to ensure more accurate hole dimensions.

The VDP centre drill head now includes Type B, forming a hole with two chamfers: a 60 degree chamfer and 120 degree chamfer at the start of the hole in a single drilling operation.

Tungaloy Canada

Miller integrates titanium 9400i auto-darkening welding helmet into its powered air purifying respirator

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has integrated its versatile, heavy-duty Titanium 9400i  auto-darkening welding helmet into its Arc Armor® Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR).

Sumitomo turning grades for cast iron

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc., has introduced new turning grades for cast iron, AC401K and AC4015K.

Hobart wire achieves T-9 classification

Hobart is now offering a new FabCO Triple 7 gas-shielded flux-cored wire with expanded mechanical properties.

Automated handling of metal fabrication materials

Cincinnati Incorporated has introduced the MARCH (Multi Axis Rapid Cincinnati Handling) system for automated handling of metal fabrication materials.

Wire bending machine with twin turrets, heads

BLM Group USAhas announced the availability of its all electric DH4010VGP wire bending machine featuring twin turrets and twin heads designed to boost productivity and/or work on complex wire bending jobs.

New double column bridge design five axis machine

The Hurco BX40Ui 5-Axis CNC is a new double-column machining center, with trunnion table mounted along the Y-axis.

Mobile TIG welding

Fronius has expanded its range of battery-operated welding solutions to include a variant for TIG welding. Weighing 10.9 kg, the AccuPocket 150/400 TIG is just as handy as the device already available for MMA welding, with TIG functions such as the touchdown ignition and TIG Comfort Stop.

Universal compensation unit for robotic bin picking

Schunk has introduced the AGE-U six axis compensation unit.

Bar feeder for affordable part production automation

Haas Automation introduced its Servo Bar 300 bar feeder in 1999 and has launched the all new Haas Bar Feeder for what the company describes as a simpler and more affordable way to automate part production on Haas turning centres. 

Volkswagone eliminates aerosol leakage with leak-proof chucks

Volkswagon's Salzgitter, Germany plant had a problem with its Minimum Quantity Lubrication and dry processing operations.

Faster chip evacuation

EXAIR’s new 110 Gallon Chip Vac System offers a fast, easy way to clean chips or other dry materials from fixtures, floors and work surfaces of machining centers, lathes, saws, mills and other industrial equipment.

Milltronics' new VMC handles more cutting power

Milltronics has introduced a new vertical machining centre, the VM8434XP. The Millstronics XP series CNC machines are #50 taper VMCs for applications that require extra cutting power.

8 kW fiber laser

LVD Strippit has developed an 8 kW fiber laser, the Electra 3015 fiber laser cutting machine that cuts a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials as fast as the thermal process allows.

Turning tools - MetalTech Report

Deeper face grooving and turning
Iscar has expanded its Minicut line of inserts and cutting tools for deeper and wider face grooving and turning.

VHB Tape GPH Series for high temperature applications

3M has introduced the new VHB Tape GPH series, for high temperature applications.

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