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Calling it an industry first, Emuge's MultiTap is a high performance tap designed for threading a range of materials including carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze.

It can produe threads within both 2B and 3B classes of fit, eliminating the guesswork of calculating H-limits.

"MultiTAP is the ideal tap for a job shop or a manufacturer who works with short and medium run threading applications across a wide spectrum of materials," says Peter Matysiak, Emuge Corp.'s president. "It will significantly improve thread quality and boost output while reducing production costs, because one high performance MultiTap will handle most common materials and applications. MultiTap eliminates the need to stock numerous types of taps in the tool crib."

The new tap is constructed of a proprietary grade of high speed steel (HSS-E), Nitrided with a Ne2 surface treatment. It is available in both spiral point and spiral flute configurations forthrough-or blind-hole applications. Tap sizes cover a full range for UNC or UNF threads, from 4 x 0.7 m to 15 x 2.0 m ( #4-40 to ¾ -16 in.).



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