The E-Series comes standard with a substantial amount of stroke and open height compared to industry standardsClick image to enlargeBLM GROUP’s ProBend press brakes are available in the all-electric E-Series or the hybrid H-Series.

The E-Series is available from 44 to 276-ton models capable of handling bending lengths of 4-ft. to 17-ft. 

The H-Series is available in sizes from 44 – 660 ton models capable of handling bending lengths of 4-ft. to 20-ft.

These high-precision press brakes offer reliability, high productivity, and are a perfect complement to the company’s LS5 flat sheet lasers.

The innovative direct-drive design of the E-Series electric press brake has the ball screw directly connected to the torque motor, eliminating gear boxes and belts for fewer moving components. This precision Y1/Y2 press brake with positioning and repeatability of ±0.0001-in. is energy efficient, provides noise-free and maintenance-free operation as well as extremely fast approach, bending and ram return speeds. The E-Series comes standard with a substantial amount of stroke and open height compared to industry standards, benefitting deep box or special forming needs. Built for optimum accuracy and high speeds on all 6-axes, the E-Series’ CNC-controlled backgauge meets the demands of the most complex sheet metal applications for high-production manufacturing.

the BLM ProBend Hybrid H-Series reduces energy demand by 35 per cent while providing greater ram speed performance and an Y1/Y2 accuracy of ±0.0004-in. It maintains a stable hydraulic fluid temperature that results in more consistent bending performance, and it can be equipped with up to a 6-Axis backgauge for processing the toughest applications.

All systems come with a state-of-the-art 21.5-in. touchscreen console, enabling graphical or direct mode programming directly on the machine or offline. The software automatically generates the part program from the imported CAD model and calculates the optimal bend sequence, stop positions, and tooling set-up.  A complete bending simulation, with automatic validations and checks, allows the user to verify the entire bending cycle and begin producing parts, correctly, from the start.

Advanced plasma technology for fab shops

Lincoln Electric has introduced a plasma cutting system to meet the needs of small to medium sized shops that face challenges putting together CNC cutting tables to fit inside their shops. Lincoln Electric's Torchmate 4400|4800 cutting systems are ready to run in 30 minutes, says the company.

Tool presetter reduces setup by up to 70%

Haimer's new Microset tool presetting equipment streamlines tool setting processes and can reduce setup time by up to 70 per cent, says the company.

Twist drill for aerospace machining

Still the “go-to” drill for aerospace, the Precision Twist Drill brand from Dormer Pramet continues to provide reliable and high quality drills to aerospace manufacturers.

Mazak adds new hybrid additive machine to lineup

Mazak has introduced a new hybrid multi-tasking additive manufacturing machine, the Integrex i-200S AM that allows shops to turn, mill, drill and build part features and perform laser marking all on the same machine and in single setups with the company's Done In One production concept.

Electrode upgrades for vertical-down pipe welding

Lincoln Electrichas introduced performance upgrades to its Pipeliner LH-D 80, 90 and 100 stick electrodes for high strength, vertical-down pipe welding.

Drilling low carbon, low alloy steels

Walter’s P6006 insert for exchangeable-tip drills brings new levels of drilling efficiency to low carbon steels, structural steels, and low alloy steels.

No setup or downtime for smart factories

by Andrei Petrilin, Iscar technical manager

Manufacturing's push towards comprehensive digitizing will impact almost all stages: product design, process planning, machining, assembly and logistics. The driving force behind the changes is a series of technological breakthroughs related to Industry 4.0.

Simultaneous machining and interpolation

GROB Systems’ second-generation G350 5-Axis Universal Machining Center features compact design, maximum milling performance, high visibility, and optimized work area access.

GF Machining, EOS collaborate for new additive technology

GF Machining Solutions's Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology system, the Agie Charmilles AM 290 S Tooling is the result of a collaborative partnership with additive manufacturing machine builder EOS.

Tapping tool taps up to 200 holes per minute

Wilson Tool International has announced the debut of its new QuickTap tapping tool.

Grinding wheel with reusable core

Norton Winter AEON electroplated grinding wheels from Saint-Gobain Abrasives handle high precision applications in the automotive, medical and aerospace markets.

LMT launches new product lineup

LMT Onsrud has launched and significantly expanded its offerings in seven key product series.

New loader relieves loading dock headaches

InnoLIFT USA’s XXL Straddle Loader simplifies pallet-load deliveries for smaller manufacturers without full loading docks.

Improved electric stroke control for ironworkers

Scotchman Industries has announced that its new 50514-EC & 5014-ET 50-ton hydraulic ironworker now comes standard with a new, improved electric stroke control to enhance precision.

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