Puma VTR “C” models have a total tool capacity of 60 provided by up to two auto Capto heads Click image to enlargeDoosan’s PUMA VTR Series has grown, with two new “C” models incorporating the Capto quick change tooling system made by Sandvik Coromant.

The “C” models have a total tool capacity of 60 (compared to the 24-tool magazine of the VTR1012F) provided by up to two auto Capto heads (30 each of vertical and horizontal).

The VTR1012F and 1012FC models share dimensions like maximum turning diameter (49.2-in./1.24 m)) and chuck size (40-in./1 m), but Doosan super-sized the VTR1216FC up to a 63-in. (1.6 m) maximum turning diameter and a 55-in. (1.4 m) chuck. Any bigger and you’d have to drop in the parts by helicopter.

Their rigid machine structure, combined with a powerful high torque spindle, provides maximum cutting performance on tough metals like high nickel and cobalt-based heat resistant alloys.

A linear-type automatic tool presetter is the best way to measure and manage the large number of tools that can be stored in these VTRs which comes standard. In addition to tool setting, it monitors worn or broken tools automatically for better tool and spindle utilization.

The Z-axis ram is supported by eight points of guide contact so there is absolutely no deflection even at its furthest reach. It’s outfitted with a curvic coupling tool system that provides 24 tons of clamping force.

A rigid box way and a fixed X-axis crossrail, along with a balanced wide column parked on a one-piece base casting, makes these machines the toughest vertical turning centres in the industry. Perfect for large diameter power generation components and other super-large pieces that have a lower profile.

The main spindle on the VTR1012FC, which rotates at 600 r/min powered by a 90hp motor that generates over 14,000 ft-lbs of torque, has a twin helical gear design that minimizes backlash. To handle bigger, heavier workpieces, the spindle motor on the VTR1216FC spins at 400 r/min to generate 15,132 ft-lbs of torque.

A moveable enclosure for the machining area makes it easier to maintain a clean work environment.


CNC simulation software

CGTech has announced the latest release of Vericut CNC Simulation Software, Version 8.2.

Five axis for fast bikes

BMW's Berlin motorcyle plant relies on five axis machining, Siemens controls for high quality

BMW motorcycles' reputation for quality, performance and safety is not achieved by chance. BMW's motorcycle plant in Berlin uses around 50 machine tools to create numerous key components on-site, from frames and valve shafts to connecting rods and cylinder heads.

Low hydrogen flux

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced Pipeweld 78LH Flux.

DMG MORI Canada showcases machining, robotic advances

An espresso served by a collaborative robot, a robotic machining cell, new machining automation handling solutions and innovations in turning were part of the offerings at DMG MORI Canada’s Technology Days.

Multi-functional portable mag drill

CS Unitec’s new MAB 1300 V is the strongest portable magnetic drill on the market with adjustable automatic feed and reverse, according to the company.

Productivity station and autocalibration kit for dimensional measurement

Creaform has updated its MetraSCAN 3D R-series robotic metrology dimensional measurement solution with the R-Series Productivity Station and the R-Series Autocalibration Kit.

MIG welder

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Power MIG 260.

Preventing rust in water-based wire EDMs

Makino’s new rust-preventive technology for water-based wire EDMs is an electric anti-rust unit that disrupts the oxidation process in submerged parts, eliminating manual cleaning time and maximizing profit for long run-time wire EDM processes.

Tool cleaning and laser marking

Walter’s Helicheck Plus and Helicheck Pro machines from United Grinding North America now feature new modules for tool cleaning and laser marking. 

6% NA growth to $1.8 B for machine vision systems

Despite an economic contraction in North America, sales of machine vision systems and components grew six per cent to $1.8 billion US through September, making it the market's highest total for the first nine months of a year in history, according to statistics from AIA, the industry's trade group.

Automation leap

Photos by Rolland Gombert

The Problem: Improve productivity

The Solution: Multi-tasking automation cells

Alberta manufacturer invests in machining automation for productivity gains

Flux-cored wire with low temperature toughness

 Hobart's new flux-cored wire, FabCo 812-Ni1M wire is formulated to provide what the company describes as low temperature impact toughness for critical applications, including offshore drilling rigs, transmission and process piping, jackup rig fabrication and shipbuilding.

Additive manufacturing for motorbikes

Additive manufacturing technology from Renishaw improves bike's front suspension system

TransFIORmers, a Moto2 race motorcycle, is defying conventions by racing with a front suspension system that is radically different compared to any other Moto2 race bike; a suspension system inspired by Christian Boudinot's mentor Claude Fior, a maverick bike designer.

Canada's future lies in advanced manufacturing: news report

Manufacturing in Canada is far from dead and there are many examples of successful manufacturers to prove it, according to a recent National Post news story.

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