Puma VTR “C” models have a total tool capacity of 60 provided by up to two auto Capto heads Click image to enlargeDoosan’s PUMA VTR Series has grown, with two new “C” models incorporating the Capto quick change tooling system made by Sandvik Coromant.

The “C” models have a total tool capacity of 60 (compared to the 24-tool magazine of the VTR1012F) provided by up to two auto Capto heads (30 each of vertical and horizontal).

The VTR1012F and 1012FC models share dimensions like maximum turning diameter (49.2-in./1.24 m)) and chuck size (40-in./1 m), but Doosan super-sized the VTR1216FC up to a 63-in. (1.6 m) maximum turning diameter and a 55-in. (1.4 m) chuck. Any bigger and you’d have to drop in the parts by helicopter.

Their rigid machine structure, combined with a powerful high torque spindle, provides maximum cutting performance on tough metals like high nickel and cobalt-based heat resistant alloys.

A linear-type automatic tool presetter is the best way to measure and manage the large number of tools that can be stored in these VTRs which comes standard. In addition to tool setting, it monitors worn or broken tools automatically for better tool and spindle utilization.

The Z-axis ram is supported by eight points of guide contact so there is absolutely no deflection even at its furthest reach. It’s outfitted with a curvic coupling tool system that provides 24 tons of clamping force.

A rigid box way and a fixed X-axis crossrail, along with a balanced wide column parked on a one-piece base casting, makes these machines the toughest vertical turning centres in the industry. Perfect for large diameter power generation components and other super-large pieces that have a lower profile.

The main spindle on the VTR1012FC, which rotates at 600 r/min powered by a 90hp motor that generates over 14,000 ft-lbs of torque, has a twin helical gear design that minimizes backlash. To handle bigger, heavier workpieces, the spindle motor on the VTR1216FC spins at 400 r/min to generate 15,132 ft-lbs of torque.

A moveable enclosure for the machining area makes it easier to maintain a clean work environment.


Air curtain for underwater cutting with plasma

Hypertherm has introduced a new Centricut brand air curtain for underwater cutting with ESAB plasma systems.

High density welding robot

Motoman VA1400 II is a new seven axis welding robot for high density layouts developed by Yaskawa Motoman.

Parts manufacturing metrology software

NC-PerfectPart, developed by MSP, a Renishaw associate company, eliminates parts manufacturing problems typically discovered at final inspection.

Online data management for welding

ESAB has introduced an online data management platform, WeldCloud, that works with the company's Aristo MIG semi-automatic, Aristo MIG 5000iR robotic and LAF/TAF sub arc welding systems.

Slim design toolholder extension for difficult to reach areas

Schunk's Tribos-SVL toolholder extensions allow for precise and smooth machining of workpiece areas that are difficult to access, says the company.

North American Robotic orders surge in 2014

Robot orders and shipments in North America set new records in the first nine months of 2014, according to Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the industry's trade group.

Wilson launches punch tooling for Salvagnini

Wilson Tool offers a standard holder with universal punches for high precision punching systems. Wilson Tool’s comprehensive EXP line is designed for thick turret, thin turret and multi-tools, and is now available to enhance the performance of Salvagnini punching systems.

Schunk expands Tribos line of precision toolholders for micro machining

Schunk has expanded its micro machining precision toolholder line with the new Tribos-mini for micro applications, now available for high speed spindle interface HSK-E-20.

Portable inline fluid reclamation machine

The Eriez HydroFlow redesigned SumpDoc portable inline fluid reclamation machine was developed based on customer input.

Collet holders for better surface roughness, tool life

NT USA Corp.'s HDZ collet holders improve collet holder accuracy and increase tool life, says the manufacturer.

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