The screen on the IM800 is larger and features enhanced resolutionClick image to enlargeKeyence has enhanced its dimensional measurement system to deliver even greater speed, accuracy and ease of use.

The new IM-8000 now boasts a rotary unit, which allows for 360-degree measurement capability on both turned and machined parts. It’s also fitted with a 20-megapixel CMOS Sensor – plus a new algorithm for stable edge detection. Lastly, the screen is larger and features enhanced resolution.

In addition to standard measurements, such as OD/ID, length, and angle, the IM-8000 can perform a whole range of new measurements including symmetry, plane measurements, flatness, cylindricity, coaxiality, and run-out, all while delivering easy to read data visualizations, including roundness graphs. This makes it suitable for parts with complex geometries. Finally, the integrated probes can also measure features at specific heights or act as an automated height gauge.

Speed: Able to measure more than 300 dimensions per program, the system starts to measure automatically, as soon as the object is placed on the stage, which now moves at up to 80mm/s, significantly faster than most competitive systems. Highly precise dimensional measurements can now be achieved in as little as 1 second, allowing for even more rapid results. With a click of a button, up to 100 parts can be measured simultaneously, drastically reducing measurement time.

Accuracy: The high precision camera now boasts an accuracy of +/-2μm,  this camera and the wide field camera can be used together in a single program, for fast, accurate measurement.

Ease of Use:  Anyone, regardless of their experience, can operate this system, it only requires 2 steps: Place a component and Push a button. Measurement points are automatically identified, meaning consistent measurement results are obtained each time, regardless of the operator.

No positioning or fixture set-up is needed. Measurements can be rapidly set up with just a few clicks, and it is equally simple to set up virtual lines and points. All of the specified dimensions can then be measured at the touch of a button, with focus automatically adjusted.

Program files can be rapidly located on the system by placing the QR code from the inspection report on the stage. This ensures correct file selection even in the presence of multiple similar parts.

Production environment management software

Yaskawa Cockpit is a new software platform from Yaskawa that monitors, accumulates and visually delivers operational data in real time for networked production environments.

Sumitomo turning grades for cast iron

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc., has introduced new turning grades for cast iron, AC401K and AC4015K.

New warranty coverage for machine tools and controls

Okuma America Corp. has announced a new standard warranty programs for new machine tool purchases effective immediately.

Swiss lathe chucks in inch sizing

Big Kaiser has expanded its Swiss lathe chuck lineup to include inch-size standard type chucks, as well as new F type and R type chucks.

Semi standard helical cutter program

Seco has launched a new semi standard helical cutter program to streamline the process of obtaining advanced helical cutting tools.

Lightweight high force reduction gear X-gun

Dengensha America’s new High Force Lightweight Reduction Gear X-Gun is effective for high strength steel applications. Lighter in weight and with a smaller frame, users can count on production efficiency. With its new high torque reduction gear, it is capable of an electrode force ranging from 4.8 to 7kN.

3D non-contact CNC measuring machine

The Walter HeliCheck 3D non-contact CNC measuring machine from United Grinding combines a transmitted light camera and laser sensor to scan, then digitize cutting tools and production parts, creating 3D models users can save, process, analyze and measure.

Business system module added to job management software

SigmaTEK Systems has added its Business Systems Suite to its SigmaNEST Version 20 product portfolio.

Wind turbine manufacturing solutions

Soraluce specializes in the development of advanced solutions for manufacturing structural parts for wind turbines.

60,000 psi pump draws half the amperage of 50 hp pump

Jet Edge Inc. has introduced a new iP60-30 60,000 psi (4,100 bar), 30 hp (22 kW) hydraulic waterjet intensifier pump that draws half the amperage of a 50 hp pump.

Higher deposition rates with metal-cored wire

The FabCOR F6 metal-cored wire from Hobart provides higher deposition rates and faster travel speeds than solid wires to help increase productivity on single-pass, flat and horizontal welding applications.

C3 and C4 coupling, cutting heads added to small part CNC machining

Tungaloy is expanding its TungCap PSC quick change tooling system family to include cutting heads and clamping units in C3 and C4 coupling sizes.

Modular design air cooled torch

The new Abirob Cyclone torch from Abicor features infinite 360 degree rotation and current transfer for high production operations.

Improving thread milling productivity

New solid carbide end mills from Walter, the Prototyp Supreme TC610 and TC611, are high performace tools that the company says deliver increases in thread quality, milling productivity and process reliability, while boosting tool life.

Wilson launches new thick turret style tooling

Wilson Tool International has introduced iSeries, the company’s new line of thick turret tooling designed to be fully compatible with the Amada ID Tooling System (AITS™) tool management system.

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