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Lincoln Electric has introduced a self-propelled modular CruiserTractor designed for increased mobility and equipped with operator-friendly features for longitudinal submerged arc welding applications common in bridge and barge decking, large tank fabrication and shipbuilding.

When used with the Power Wave  AC/DC 1000  SD power source, the Cruiser travel carriage can deliver deposition rates of up to 60 lb/hr for butt and fillet joins on lengthy plate welding applications.

The Cruiser is rated for 1000 amps at 100 per cent duty cycle. Depending on gear ratio used, the feeder can handle 1.6 – 5.6 mm (1/16 – 7/32 in.) submerged arc wire diameters at travel speeds ranging from 0.25 – 2.5 m/min (10 to 100 ipm).

Features contributing to reliable operation of include:

  • Sturdy welded base frame
  • Substantial steel mast that stands up to daily construction site use
  • Heavy-duty, ceramic-coated adjustment rails
  • Simple cast wheels
  • Robust tube-and-clamp design
  • Adjustable extended length outriggers

Additional Cruiser features include:

  • Advanced control pendant that can be used to save procedures and apply limits and lockouts for any or all controls
  • Common expendable parts shared with the MAXsa® submerged arc wire drives
  • Multiple configuration capabilities, including use of three or four wheels for on or off the track

 Lincoln Electric

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