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BIG Kaiser's new EWN and EWD Smart Damper are precision boring heads with a damping system that eliminates vibration in deep hole finish boring.

The integral design of these new heads shortens the distance from the damping mechanism to the cutting edge, which is the source of vibration. This produces higher damping effects to the tool assembly to minimize the chatter or vibration, achieving better surface finishes and improved metal removal rates.

“For precision machining of deep bores, it had previously been necessary to program low cutting parameters in order to prevent vibrations, which unnecessarily increases machining time”, says Jack Burley, VP sales & engineering of BIG Kaiser. “The EWN/EWD Smart Damper overcomes this problem, and enables high cutting parameters to be used. This means that extremely short turnaround times can be achieved, which improves productivity by up to a factor of ten.”

Tests the company conducted have shown that deep holes free of vibration can be bored with an excellent surface finish with dramatic time savings. For example, with a projection length of 363 mm (14.3 in.) working with high-carbon steel at a cutting speed of 1,300 sfm, an impressive feed rate of 11.4 ipm was achieved with the EWN41 Smart Damper.

The newest Smart Damper solution is either equipped with the tried-and-true EWN analog boring head series, or the latest digital technology in the EWD series. The EWN heads feature a dial with Ø.0005 in./div setting accuracy (.0001 in. w/ Vernier). The EWD heads have a large digital screen, which clearly shows adjustments to an accuracy of Ø.00005 in., thus helping to minimize operator errors and removing the need for complicated Vernier markings. The digital display can be reset to zero at the push of button and has an auto power off function, while the current position of the cutting edge will be shown automatically again due to direct path measurement when the tool is switched on.

The new Smart Damper is compatible with BIG Kaiser's modular CK/CKB system, which means that the length of tool combinations can be freely selected up to a maximum of ten times the diameter, and are capable of being ran on nearly every major spindle interface. All tools are coolant-through, and thanks to three different insert holders per head size, an extraordinary boring range is possible. For example, the EWN and EWD68 heads can bore a range of Ø68 to 150 mm (2.677-5.906 in.). The EWD heads have a seal rating of IP 69K, the highest possible.

Cutting tools in the Cloud: Iscar, CGTech partnership

Users of CGTech's Vericut software for simulating CNC machine tools can now download directly Iscar tool assemblies because of a partnership between CGTech-MachiningCloud and Iscar.

Slip proof clamping system

Rego-Fix has introduced a new slip proof clamping system, the intRlox Mini Nut.

Flexible, modular automation for machining

GF Machining Solutions has introduced System 3R Transformer, a modular automation system for integrating a variety of technologies.

Updated online configurators

Bernard has launched new versions of its BTB Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled MIG Gun and Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun online configurators.

Multi-section linear encoder for long-length applications

The AMO LMF 9310 multi-section linear encoder has been added to the line of robust linear encoders from Heidenhain.

Amada launches new fiber laser equipped with Locus Beam Control technology

Amada's latest innovation is the Ventis-3015AJ, a fiber laser cutting machine equipped with the company's "Locus Beam Control" (LBC) technology.

High power-to-weight ratio for air plasma cutter

ESAB's Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 50 is a handheld air plasma cutting system now available for purchase through traditional and online welding distributors. Cutmaster 60i weighs 37 lb and provides a rated output of 7.6 kW at 50 per cent duty cycle at 60A. It produces a recommended cut of 5/8 in., has a maximum sever thickness of 1-1/2 in., and provides the fastest cut speed at any thickness material for its class.

Equipment utilization monitoring

Sandvik Coromant has introduced CoroPlus MachiningInsights.

AI pipe welding system

ARC Specialties has developed an artificial intelligence pipe welding system that combines AI, advanced sensors, and the UR5 collaborative robot from Universal Robots.

Mobile TIG welding

Fronius has expanded its range of battery-operated welding solutions to include a variant for TIG welding. Weighing 10.9 kg, the AccuPocket 150/400 TIG is just as handy as the device already available for MMA welding, with TIG functions such as the touchdown ignition and TIG Comfort Stop.

Machining Centres MetalTech Report: Machining centres & multi-tasking

Short, strong spindle design
The MCV-1200 is a new generation of compact vertical machining centres redesigned for better performance.

Hypertherm renames waterjet pumps

Hypertherm has announced that its HyPrecision and Echion intensifier-based waterjet pumps have been given a new name: DynaMAX.

New abrasive waterjet cutting machine

OMAX has introdced the GlobalMAX 1530 abrasive waterjet, a "value-priced abrasive waterjet" according to the company.

Grob Systems to demonstrate five axis applications at IMTS 2022

Grob Systems has announced it will demonstrate a range of five axis machining applications on its compact G350 Generation 2 universal machining center at IMTS.

How-to powder spray torch videos

ESAB has released its new instructional DVD, "Powder Spray Torch: Repair & Handfacing Guidelines" that provides operating instructions for the safe and successful use of powder spray torches sold under the company's Victor and Stoody brands.

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