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The digitization of manufacturing – a key element of Industry 4.0 - is redefining production methods and the metalworking industry is taking note, despite its characteristic traditionalism. Metalworkers have started to adapt to this new environment by building or overhauling systems to facilitate more efficient processes.

New demands have affected and influenced almost every element of a technology process: from planning and communication (networks)  to machinery and even cutting tools, which are arguably the most conservative element in a manufacturing system. Cutting tool producers need to react appropriately and provide products according to these new requirements.

Digitization in the cutting tool field has two emerging trends. The first trend is to enable the cutting tool to communicate with advanced machinery and cyber physical production systems in order to advise about tool wear, predictable tool life, total time of the tool involved in cutting etc.

The second trend relates to information about the tool that should be provided by a cutting tool manufacturer. Manufacturers are expected to supply data about their products, and catalogs and guides have long been an integral part of the product itself. The challenge now is to include digital information as a necessary essential element of a cutting tool, which ensures applying tools in various steps of a production process, starting with virtual manufacturing.

A good illustration is the ISO 13399 standard, which specifies computer representation and data exchange for information about the cutting tools and their holders - a first step for making the tool digital data platform-independent. Only tools digitally specified in accordance to this standard will be utilized by smart factories, making comprehensive digitized data sources an important direction for cutting tool manufacturers;  this integration of data will form an inseparable part of a cutting tool.

Cutting tool manufacturers will not only improve their own production by implementing advanced technologies but will represent an essential link in a industrial information chain providing data for smart factories and engineering companies.

Iscar recognizes the central importance of developing and adopting digitized solutions for metalworking operations. Matrix, an automated tool dispenser that is an integral shop-floor-level element of a smart factory,  tool assembly options in 3D and 2D formats in  E-CAT, Iscar's electronic catalog – these are a few examples of products intended to unify the material and virtual worlds of smart manufacturing.

Virtual assembly

In addition to the existing milling tool assembly option, E-CAT has enriched its instruments for virtual manufacturing by introducing a new assembly option that relates to drills and taps. This new function allows creating the twin representation of a drilling or tapping tool assembly based on the ISO 13399 standard. The assemblies are accessible in both 3D and 2D files, which can be downloaded from E-CAT on the Iscar website and incorporated directly to a user's CAM system. As a result, various simulations of cutting operations, collision checking, finding an optimal tool configuration etc. can be performed. The simulations prevent or significantly diminish possible errors on the shop floor and help to save time and cut costs in process planning.

Smart scan

Data on tool dimensions, inserts, appropriate tool holders and recommended cutting data is accessible via the Iscar 4.0Pro mobile application, developed for maximizing tooling utilization. Iscar 4.0Pro is a smart 2D Matrix barcode scanner that acts as a digital gateway to advanced tooling resources of the company, so that customers can make better decisions regarding tool selection and their realization on the shop floor. The application provides quick access to technical data for each ISCAR product. The information corresponds to the ISO 13399 standard and to the tool assembly, cutting conditions, tool material grades, weight, user manuals,  and other items. The data is accessible by scanning the 2D Data Matrix barcode, which appears on Iscar tools and product packages.

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A world of information

Iscar recently launched Iscar World, an expanded application that embraces all ISCAR's online apps, interfaces, and product catalogs in a single space. The app gives instant access to E-CAT, Iscar 4.0Pro, E-Commerce (an online tool ordering system), a media channel, Iscar Tool Advisor – an expert system for tool selecting, technical data, machining calculations, frequently asked questions and more, enabling users to review, compare, check, and select the tooling solutions that are right for their needs. The application constantly updates and expands its store of knowledge by collecting new data, opening a virtual doorway to a whole world of updated information.

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Smart manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 era features a combination of real and virtual worlds, based on network technologies, for every link of the manufacturing chain including cutting tools. Advanced manufacturing systems require cutting tools to “possess” a rich world of relevant data – a high IQ -  as a necessary condition for incorporating the tool into their intelligent machining processes. 

Mazak Optonics' new compact, high speed automation solution

Mazak Optonics has introduced their newest addition to their compact range of automation solutions, the Quick Cell 3015. 

Toolholding for high performance machining

 A toolholding system for high performance machining developed by German tooling manufacturer Haimer is gaining in popularity in North America.

Toolholders boost rigidity, repeatability

Tungaloy Corp.'s new interchangeable PSC standard series of toolholders for flexible machines and turning centres, the TungCap Tooling System, has been created to increase the rigidity and repeatability of turning, milling and drilling toolholders.

New machining centre series

Quickmill has launched a new series of gantry style machining centres called the Annihilator Series. 

Safe and fast MIG, TIG weld cleaning system

Surfox 304 MIG & TIG is the lastest member of Walter Surface Technologies' Surfox family. It's a patented electrochemical cleaning system with a flowthrough system to facilitate cleaning of MIG, TIG and spot welds without altering the surface of the material to be welded.

Piping software for precision cuts and bevels

HGG Pipe-Cutting Machines, combined with new Acorn Piping Software, deliver precision shape cutting and beveling, while eliminating the time consuming and costly need for operator calculation, says the company.

Multi-axis calibrator

Renishaw’s new XM-60 multi-axis calibrator is capable of measuring all six degrees of freedom from a single set-up, in any orientation for linear axes. The XM-60 offers significant improvement in simplicity and time saving over conventional laser measurement techniques.

Flexible pallet container for milling automation

Fastems has introduced version 8 of its Flexible Pallet Container (FPC 8), which provides easy and extendable automation for one to three CNC milling machines with 400 mm to 1,000 mm pallets.

New precision measuring tool kit from Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo has released a new precision measurement tool kit with a magnetic stand and digimatic indicator set.

More performance with end mills for side, pocket milling

Sandvik Coromant's new CoroMill Plua HFS end mills for side and pocket milling offer higher performance and security in machining, according to the company.

Tungaloy expands diameter range for hole drilling

Tungaloy has announced the expansion of its DrillMeister exchangeable-head drill system by adding diameters ranging from 20.0 mm to 25.9 mm (from .787″ to 1.020″) to the DMF drill line for flat bottom hole drilling including counterboring.

Panel bender with automated functions

Salvagnini has upgraded its all electric P1 panel bender to create an adaptive machine for flexible kit and single piece part production. The machine is being showcased at FABTECH 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.

Enhanced productivity with submerged arc welding

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products‘s ICE technology is a submerged arc welding technology that enhances productivity by using an Integrated Cold Electrode, which yields higher deposition rates without increasing heat input.

PVD-coated milling grade

Walter has introduced its new PVD-coated WHH15X milling grade for finishing and semi-finishing of hardened components up to 63 HRC.

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