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Walter has introduced the W1211/W1210 copy turning system for boring bars, imparting a higher level of dimensional stability and indexing accuracy to internal machining, including profiling (copy turning), facing, and axial grooving.

These boring bars and indexable inserts with Walter Lock (WL) positive engagement combat the high forces in variable directions that occur when internal profiling applications with V-style (ISO-V, 35° diamond shaped) inserts.

The oblong shape of a conventional V-style insert leads to a very long pocket in the boring bar to hold the V-Shaped insert. Cutting forces are encountered far away from the actual support that the insert pocket provides to withstand the cutting forces. This results in increased wear, increased pitting of the pocket, less precision and an overall lack of indexing accuracy with all indexable diamond shape inserts such as VBMT or DCMT. With a robust, positive-locking insert seat design with three-point support, the Walter W1211/W1210 boring bars and WL25 inserts achieve better stability, boosting tool life while enabling users to use the tools in both directions of travel, increasing indexing accuracy by 50 per cent.

Walter offers two versions of these boring bars with diameters of 0.984, 1.260, and 1.575-in. (25, 32 and 40 mm): W1210 for profiling angles of up to 72.5° with a symmetric design and W1211 for profiling angles of up to 50° for a more robust support. The positive WL25 indexable inserts with three cutting edges are available in four insert types, depending on the requirements of the application: neutral, left-hand, right-hand and full-radius versions, and all fit into the same tool. In addition to the wear-resistant Walter Tiger·tec Silver grades that are currently used, Tiger·tec Gold inserts are also now available. The dual rake face cooling and the optional axial cooling for flushing out the chips during blind-hole machining also result in longer tool life and therefore greater cost efficiency.


FABTECH 2017 debut for collaborative robot welding system

ARC Specialties and Universal Robots will spotlight their SnapWeld Collaborative Robotic Welding package at FABTECH 2017.

Haas: High performance turning

The new Haas ST-40 is the latest and largest addition to Haas Automation's line of new generation turning centres.

Compact capacitor discharge welder

Dengensha America’ss new Capacitor Discharge Welder (CDW) minimizes heat transfer and distortion problems in a compact and cost-efficient resistance welding control design having a small footprint.

CNC control solution for aerospace

Fagor Automation Corp.'s 8065 CNC for aerospace machining offers a high surface finish while providing maximum accuracy.  

Mate launches press brake tooling punches, dies

Mate Precision Tooling has launched a new line of press brake tooling punches and dies now available for press brakes with European Precision style or Wila Trumpf style tooling.

Flux for submerged arc welding

ESAB has improved its OK Flux 10.99, an agglomerated neutral basic flux designed for submerged arc welding in heavy industrial environments.

Torch extracts 90% of welding fumes

Translas' new welding torch, the Extractor, extracts 90 per cent of unhealthy welding fumes, according to the company.

Carbide burs improve surface finish

ALU/NF CUT line of carbide burs from PFERD brings new levels of machining performance particularly to aluminum applications, says the company.

Face milling cutter

Walter has introduced the Xtra·tec XT M5009 face milling cutter.

Compact coil feed lines

COE Press Equipment has announced the launch of its new patent pending SpaceMaster Series 5 compact coil lines, which combine unwinding, straightening and feeding of coil stock into a single piece of compact equipment that can fit within 28 ft. of floor space where a conventional line would require a 50-ft. to 60-ft. footprint. 

Chip breakers for steel turning

Ingersoll Cutting Tools has released a new series of steel chip breakers with a new three letter designation system.

Turning inserts for various cutting conditions

A new range of turning inserts from Sandvik Coromant adds more flexibiity to small batch production environments.

Surface finish inspection integrated with CMMs

Renishaw’s new SFP1 probe option for the Revo five axis measurement system is the first to allow surface finish inspection to be fully integrated within coordinate measurement routines.

Indicators support special measurements

Mitutoyo Corp. has introduced three newly designed special functionality type digitmatic indicators that feature what the company describes as improved operability and ease of use.

Small footprint, milling and turning machine

GF Machining Solutions has introduced a small footprint machine for milling and turning in a single machine.

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