The SmartPipe system consists of a pipe turning unit with a manually adjustable chuck and a CNC-controlled turning axisClick image to enlargeESAB Welding and Cutting Products’ SmartPipe system for automated plasma or oxy-fuel pipe cutting of pipe that works in conjunction with you table for cutting flat plate.

The SmartPipe standard line cuts pipe in diameters from 2 to 12 in., lengths up to 20 ft. and weights up to 2,200 lbs. SmartPipe HD (heavy duty) can handle pipe diameters up to 10 ft. (including the common 36, 48 and 72 in. diameters) and lengths up to 60 ft. 

The SmartPipe system consists of a pipe turning unit with a manually adjustable chuck and a CNC-controlled turning axis, two or more adjustable-position pipe supports and a support track. A typical configuration would place the turning unit between the cutting table and gantry rail (oriented parallel to the rail), but it can be located behind the table as well.

SmartPipe also includes graphical programming software that quickly and easily creates programs for straight or bevel cuts for any pipe application, such as saddles, holes, slots or weld cut preparations. The software, which runs on ESAB’s Vision controller, even generates a 3D rendering of the finished pipe so users can confirm details before cutting.

For straight cuts, pair SmartPipe with any standard oxy-fuel torch or plasma system for cutting at up to 200 amps. For cutting bevels, pair SmartPipe with a bevel head such as ESAB’s DMX Plasma Beveller or VBA (variable bevel angle) wrist.

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