The FreedomDrive weld gun system was designed to make push-pull applications less clumsyClick image to enlargeAbicor Binzel has launched its FreedomDrive push-pull welding gun system.

The push-pull system is designed to free welders of the typical heavy, bulky handheld push-pull gun; giving the welder a more comfortable, reliable, and efficient way to weld in push-pull applications.

The system uses an assist drive approximately six feet downstream of the standard, lightweight gun handle. The assist drive is powered directly from select push-pull power sources, or by a separate Abicor Binzel power control box.

The assist motor will feed slightly faster than the main wire feeder, which places tension on the weld wire through the rear cable assembly. This allows the wire to be fed over longer distances than a typical push-pull gun.

The AT/WT guns that come with the FreedomDrive use the same handle and consumables as ABIMIG AT/WT guns. This gives the welder a variety of neck length and angle options, longer consumable life, and a lightweight gun designed with ergonomics as a top priority.

Flexibility is the highlight of the FreedomDrive, with access to parts is improved by relocating the bulky drive components down the cable instead of in the handle. The system comes in 20-foot and 30-foot length options, giving you the freedom to move around as needed.

Three flute indexable drill

Iscar recently unveiled the new SUMO3CHAN advanced three flute indexable drill.

Manufacturing spurs Canada's biggest job gains in 7 months

A surge in employment in the manufacturing sector helped Canada's economy gain 58,000 jobs in May, the biggest gain in employment in seven months, according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada.

Fiber laser technology

Coherent has introduced CleanWeld technology, an integrated laser welding approach that reduces spatter and improves process consistency.

Laser Welding’s Future

by Nestor Gula

From science fiction to the floor of your shop

Indexable inserts with coolant channel geometry

Walter's new FM5 finishing and RM5 roughing indexable insert geometries deliver optimal cooling, longer tool life, and increased productivity in high temperature alloy and stainless steel machining. says the company.

Welder membership aims to engage more welders

The Canadian Welding Association (CWA) wants to engage Canada's 200,000-plus welders and has created a new welder membership to do just that. The association kicked off the new membership with a special event at the Collective Arts Brewery in Hamilton, ON.

Remote machine monitoring now on DMG/Mori Seiki machines

As of June 1, 2013, all new DMG/Mori Seiki machines equipped with MAPPS control with an MTConnect Standard V1.1 compliant MTConnect Adapter.

Through-coolant system for Swiss style machines

Rego-Fix has introduced a new addition to its line of reCool retrofittable coolant-through sytems, the reCool RCR/ERM which allows for the use of emulsion or pure oil coolants.

CWB Group partners with BC group to support welders

The CWB Group and the Immigrant Employment Council of British Colombia (IEC-BC) have partnered to support skilled welding professionals in Canada.

High penetration drilling inserts, holders

Allied Machine & Engineering has launched GEN3SYS XT Pro line of high penetration drilling products.

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