Zeiss ConturaClick image to enlargeZeiss Industrial Metrology introduced its new Zeiss Contura CMM at IMTS in 2014 and has now expanded the range of models for the measurement of larger workpieces.

 The new CMM is now available with four larger measuring ranges, up to 1200 x 2400 x 1000 millimeters. The additional ranges include the following in millimeters: 900 x 1200 x 800, 900 x 1600 x 800, 1200 x 1800 x 1000, and 1200 x 2400 x 1000.

It provides a platform for flexible, reliable and uncompromising quality assurance, claims Zeiss. It offers a large package of tailored sensors, including the VAST XTR gold with an integrated rotary axis that adjusts effortlessly to complex workpieces. The extra volume in all axes provides even more measuring capability with these sensor options on large parts. Proven navigator technology and Zeiss Calypso software let you measure faster, increasing throughput. Zeiss AirSaver option can also be integrated for additional savings, reducing compressed air consumption by up to 60 per cent depending on how it is used. 

Sensors are available in the direkt, RDS and aktiv versions. Direkt sensors include the ZEISS VAST XXT passive scanning probe. This configuration is ideal for small workpieces, for which a small single or star stylus is sufficient. Scanning makes it possible to efficiently and precisely measure the form in addition to the size and location. For parts with different angular positions, the RDS sensor model is the right choice. The RDS articulating probe holder can be freely positioned in 2.5 degree increments, resulting in more than 20,000 possible positions. Its sensor interface permits the flexible use of contact and optical sensors, including the new ZEISS LineScan sensor.

The aktiv configuration is recommended when high speed active scanning and/or long styli are needed for measurements deep inside a part. The Zeiss Vast XTR gold and VAST XT gold premium probes enable highly accurate measurements with very long, heavy stylus systems. navigator technology, which enables a tangential approach without a stop & go, as well as circular or helical scanning, also results in added productivity.

Zeiss Industrial Metrology

Factory operations and machining control software

Okuma America Corp. has released Connect Plan, a software-based system for collecting and measuring data to adjust processes for increased productivity.

Green Manufacturing About Dollars and Sense

by Michael Ouellette

When it comes to greening your job shop, thinking small can pay big dividends

Automated tool changing press brakes

LVD Strippit has expanded its line of ToolCell automated tool changing press brakes with the ToolCell 220/30 Plus and ToolCell 220/40 Plus.

Sanding disc removes more material faster

A new sanding disc from Walter Surface Technologies, Topcut, is designed with a new formulation of blue zirconium grain blend to remove more material faster, says the company.

Lean wisdom

by Tim Wilson

It's not about making people work harder or cutting jobs; it's about reducing waste

Narrow space weld held for tube and pipe orbital welding

Otto Arc System's TPWH-NS-2 is a narrow weld head designed for tube to "U" shape (return bends) TIG welding.

High efficiency, 10 kW fiber laser

TRUMPF's new TruLaser 5030 fiber with a 10 kW TruDisk Laser made its world debut at FABTECH 2017 in Chicago.

New tool coating outperforms others 2 to 8 times

Mate Precision Tooling has introduced a new tool coating that it says outperforms currently available premium coatings by two to eight times.

Pre-engineered cell debuts at FABTECH Canada

Kuka has announced the unveiling of its new pre-engineered cell at Booth #855 at FABTECH Canada.

Smart apps for machine tool probing

Renishaw has developed smartphone apps for users of the company‚Äôs machine tool probing hardware.

Rego-Fix at IMTS

Booth  W-2364

Rego-Fix Tool Corp. will highlight the latest productivity-boosting innovations in Swiss precision toolhandling products at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

Wire bending machine with twin turrets, heads

BLM Group USAhas announced the availability of its all electric DH4010VGP wire bending machine featuring twin turrets and twin heads designed to boost productivity and/or work on complex wire bending jobs.

Spin technology for more consistent welds

Abicor Binzel's new ABIMIG SpinArc is designed to create a more consistent weld, claims the company.

Retrofitting CNC systems against cyberattacks

Fanuc America has introduced an upgrade package for out of date industrial PCs running on operating systems older than Windows 10.

High definition welding helmet

The Aristo Tech HD welding helmet from ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is the company's first auto-darkening helmet with an optical class of 1/1/1/1, indicating the highest optical performance possible according to the EN 370 standard.

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