Schunk Tribos mounted point holderClick image to enlarge

Schunk is expanding its high-precision clamping technology as a standard element of mounted point clamping with Tribos mounted point holders.

Schunk says the Tribos mounted point holders can attain repeat accuracies < 0.01 mm (0.0004 in.). The rotationally symmetric design enables maximum speeds of up to 90,000 rpm. This means that demanding shape and position tolerances can be reliably achieved during internal cylindrical grinding and jig grinding, Schunk says. At the same time, the grinding wheels are evenly worn off and the service lives of the mounted points increase, while mounted point costs decrease accordingly.

Schunk says that Tribos polygonal clamping technology has several advantages compared to conventional toolholders for mounted points. The precision toolholders work without moving parts and are therefore mechanically insensitive. Moreover, it is not necessary to heat or cool down the mountings during the clamping process. The precision holders enable several thousand clamping procedures without material fatigue.

Schunk polygonal clamping technologyClick image to enlarge

For tool change, by using a clamping device, the mounted point holders can be pressurized with a predefined pressure, meaning the polygonal mounting bore deforms within the permanently elastic region to form a cylinder. In this clamping condition the mounted point can be easily inserted into the holder. As the process moves below the Rp 0.2 per cent yield point, structural changes in the steel can be excluded. Then the external pressure is reduced and due to the elasticity of the material, the inner diameter returns to its original, polygonal shape, and the mounted point is thus clamped in a force-fit way by the residual stress within the steel. The clamping process can be carried out in a process-reliable way at the first go with a few simple steps. Even small clamping diameters can be easily exchanged at any time, Schunk says.

The Tribos mounted point holders are suitable for all common grinding machines and grinding spindles. As a first step, Schunk offers the precision holders for the interface HJND 50 with clamping diameters 3 mm and 4 mm (0.118 and 0.157 in.) in the slim version Tribos mini, as well as clamping diameters with 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm (0.236, 0.275 and 0.315 in.) in the robust version of the Tribos-RM. Additional interfaces (HJND 28 and HJND 21) are already planned.

Multi-mode feed capability on coil-fed blanking system

LaserCoil Technologies LLC has announced the addition of Continuous Mode (On the Fly Cutting) capability to its coil-fed laser blanking systems enabling users to choose either Feed Index Mode (Stop/Start) or Continuous Mode to optimize cutting parameters for each part configuration, increasing processing rates and enhancing quality. 

Next generation digital encoder

Renishaw is adding to its extensive optical encoder range with the launch of the Vionic series, a new family of ultra high accuracy, super compact all-in-one digital incremental encoders.

Compact mechanized welding carriage

Koike Aronson's Wel-Handy Mini Strong is a smaller version of the company's Wel-Handy multi welding carriage.

New insert grade offers increased tool life at high speeds

Walter has introduced the Walter Tiger-tec Silver WPPO5S, a wear resistant indexable insert grade that the company says delivers high performance and maxiumum productivity in steel machining, particularly in roughing forced components and in long production runs.

Multi-functional machining

EMAG has introduced a multi-functional machining centre for drive components.

Welding tractor line

Abicor Binzel has announced the launch of ABI-CAR, its first welding tractor product.

The future of autonomous gripping

The scope of autonomous gripping technology is expanding beyond rigidly defined operations to embrace the flexibility and autonomy required for the next generation of smart factories.

Smart panel bending

BCe Smart is a new panel bending machine developed by Prima Power. The machine will be part of Prima Power's lineup at FABTECH 2016 in Las Vegas, NV at booth C25033.

New loader relieves loading dock headaches

InnoLIFT USA’s XXL Straddle Loader simplifies pallet-load deliveries for smaller manufacturers without full loading docks.

Flexible panel bender

An ideal batch production machine, the brand new, stand-alone P2lean panel bender from Salvagnini also has the capacity to seamlessly switch from batch, to kit, or to single piece part production whenever required. This is undoubtedly one versatile machine no shop should be without.

CVD grade for cast iron turning

Tungaloy Corp. is further expanding its T515 range, a CVD grade with what it describes as unmatched performance in cast iron turning.

Tool presetter reduces setup by up to 70%

Haimer's new Microset tool presetting equipment streamlines tool setting processes and can reduce setup time by up to 70 per cent, says the company.

Mazak launches new EZ series

Mazak has officially launched its new Ez machine series, the new MAZATROL SmoothEz control and a new website.

Multi-tasking gear machining system

Mazak Corporation has unveiled the Integrex i-200ST AG Hybrid multi-tasking machine.

Wire feeder for mobile use in harsh environments

Fronius has expanded its Case wire feeder range for mobile use in harsh environments.

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