Due to their specially developed geometries, both milling cutters are ideal for final machining of components with steep walls, deep cavities, prismatic surfaces and transition radii. Click image to enlargeWalter has introduced two solid carbide circle segment milling cutters, the MD838 Supreme (conical) and the MD839 (tangential) Supreme.

They offer cost effective finishing because they are up to 90 per cent faster than finishing with ball nose end mills. This is primarily due to the new geometry of the milling cutters, featuring large radii in the cutting area and a higher number of teeth.

Higher productivity is gained not only due to the speed of these cutters, but also the greater number of teeth.

Due to their specially developed geometries, both milling cutters are ideal for final machining of components with steep walls, deep cavities, prismatic surfaces and transition radii. The cutters are ideal in the energy industry, die and moldmaking, medical technology manufacturing, and aerospace, as well as general metalworking. 

The MD838 Supreme (conical version) has an effective radius of 250-1000 mm, a corner radius of 0.5 - 4.0 mm and is available in diameters of 6-16 mm. Walter also offers a version of this tool with ConeFit ex-changeable head. The MD839 Supreme (tangential version) has an effective radius of 100 mm, a corner radius of 1-4 mm and in diameters of 6-16 mm. The two circle segment milling cutters are available both in the WJ30RD grade, for steel or cast iron materials, as well as in WJ30RA for ISO M and S.


Imperial and metric metrology fixtures

Renishaw is introducing a ΒΌ 20 imperial thread size to its existing metrology fixtures product range.

Reduce jaw change-over time to 5 seconds

Schunk Pronto is a quick change jaw system that the company says could shave minutes off current setup times.

Swiss turning with automatic options

TRAUB, a brand of the INDEX Group, Reichenbach, Germany, has introduced the sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe TRAUB TNL20 that adds numerous improvements in productivity, precision, and automation to the TNL line.

Energy grab

by Tim Wilson

Seizing opportunities in the energy and resource markets

Simultaneous five axis machining

To build on the success of its compact five axis Mikron HSM 400U LP high speed milling centre, GF AgieCharmilles is upping the ante with a larger sized machine platform called the the Mikron HSM 600U LP, creating a family of linear motor full five axis simultaneous machining solutions that set a benchmark for speed, claims the company.

Holemaking MetalTech Report: Drilling for dollars

New chip breaking technology
The new Rekord DZBF series taps eliminate the formation of long continuous chips that commonly occur when tapping carbon steels, alloy steels, and austenitic stainless steels. 

ProHeat rolling inductor with infrared temperature sensor

Miller Elecric's new ProHeat rolling inductor heating system, now with an optional infrared temperature sensor, is a heating process the company says delivers fast, consistent heat and can solve many preheating problems related to moving parts.

5-axis, twin-spindle machining centre

The new twin-spindle DZ Series 22 from Chiron rapidly machines complex, large workpieces, including housings for electric motors and transmissions, oil pumps, chassis components, and more. The company also offers a four axis variant of the Series 22.

High energy

by Kip Hanson

Cutting tool manufacturers see huge demands from the energy sector

The world needs energy. Those in pursuit of increasingly elusive fossil fuels must drill deeper and explore farther than ever before.

Turning with a stronger corner radius

Indexable turning inserts from Walter are designed for applications where a soft cut and high precision is required.

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