Dengensha expands LinearWave offeringClick image to enlarge

Dengensha America has expanded its LinearWave Capacitor Discharge Welder product family with a new 50kA version.

The new, more affordable 50kA version combines a standard NDZ welder and a LinearWave controller.

The complete LinearWave Welder family now includes two 50kA versions, a 75kA welder (also recently introduced), a 100kA welder and a welder with 150kA capacity.

LinearWave Capacitor Discharge Welders are ideal for welding high strength steel, aluminum, and large projection and ring projection parts.

LinearWave technology combines the capabilities of a Capacitor Discharge Welder (CDW) with a 15,000 Hz Bipolar Medium Frequency Converter (MFC). The technology produces better quality parts, optimum weld nugget quality, weld parameters that are easier to set and energy savings, says Dengensha.

Better quality parts are provided because less thermal distortion and larger currents in shorter weld times are combined with the stability of a medium frequency converter. Better management of current flow provides optimum weld quality and weld nugget quality, while also generating energy savings.

LinearWave technology provides direct current configuration of weld current values which makes it easier to set parameters. It also maximizes waveform flexibility, which allows necessary parameter settings such as tempering, demagnetization, upslope, etc.

Eight-edge face milling tooling for auto market

Sandvik Coromant has introduced an eight-edge finishing tool for face milling of cast materials in the automotive industry.

Trimmable flap discs boost stock removal, service life

New PSF Z-TRIM flap discs from Pferd feature composite backing that can be trimmed to extend service life, reduce disc changes on a variety of steel and stainless steel (INOX) applications.

Fiber laser with tube processing capability

Bystronic has introduced an integrated rotary axis for its ByStar Fiber laser cutting machine, giving it tube processing capabilities.

New designs in tool presetting from Zoller

Zoller has introduced new presetting and measuring devices including the venturion 450, the smileCompact and smile devices.

New angle grinders with 20% higher power

Fuji Air Tools, has launched a new series of 7 in. angle grinders with 1800 W/2.4 hp output – 20 per cent higher than alternative grinders in the same class, claims the company.

Haimer toolholders for aerospace

Haimer's toolholders are helping the only Swiss aircraft manufacturer produce better aluminum parts. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. manufactures the Turboprop multi-role aircraft PC12 and other aircraft models, which mainly consist of aluminum structural components.

Slitting die reduces material costs, waste

Mate Precision Tooling has launched a thick turret insert slitting die for D and E stations that the company says reduces material costs and waste.

Handheld resistance weld checker

Amada Miyachi America has released the MM-410A handheld resistance weld checker.

High speed, high precision fiber laser cutting

Available as 2kW, 4kW and 6kW, the LCG 3015 AJ was developed with Amada’s proven fiber laser technology, says the company. This technology helps achieve Process Range Expansion (PRE) by providing the ability to cut brass, copper and titanium.

R0.0 corner radius inserts and modular heads

Tungaloy has added R0.0 corner radius inserts and a line of modular heads to TungForce-Rec, an indexable small diameter shoulder milling cutter series.

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