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BLM Group has announced the availability of its Elect40 all-electric tube bender with an elongated, compact head.

The new compact head means the tube bender is capable of executing shapes previously not possible with single-direction bending machines.

The new bending head is reduced in height by 35 per cent and has a 31 per cent longer bending head, increasing the distance between the bending tool and the machine body. 

The increase in distance reduces the chances of the tube colliding with the frame, providing greater parts feasibility. It is especially well suited for manufacturers needing to bend tubes into complicated and various shapes such as those required when making furniture, ladders, handrails, farming machinery and equipment.

The kinematic design of the elongated head provides an increase in speed of both the bending arm and of the clamp and pressure. Additionally, this system can achieve about a 10 per cent increase in cycle time on a typical part with four bends.

The Elect40 can bend tube and pipe up to 40 mm in diameter and has multiple tool stack capability that can accommodate multiple tools of variable radius at the same time, enabling the production of fixed and variable radii in a single setup. As with other BLM Group benders, the elongated bending head of the Elect40 also allows manual changes of bending direction from right to left or vice versa and the use of the same compatible bending tools on all other BLM Group bending machines of similar size.

Both automatic or manual loading is available with the ability to position the automatic loader to the left or right of the machine. The Elect40 bender can incorporate automatic tube bundle loading and a handling robot for a complete turnkey solution that manages the entire tube loading and unloading sequence.

More information on the Elect series electric tube benders available here.

Heavy duty engine driven welder/generator

Lincoln Electric's Vantage 520 SD engine driven welder/generator joins the larger Vantage 600 SD and Air Vantage 600 SD to form a Severe Duty group of welders for extreme environments.

Top jaws grip ID, OD or combo

Special top jaws from Dillon Manufacturing are available in configurations to grip a components ID, OD or a combination of both, to suit any workholding application.

Aftermarket adapter fits most machines

U-tec a patented flexible tool adapter system from tool maker Heimatec, allows a standard ER output live tool to accept various adapters for different applications.

Mazak adds On-Demand Learning to customer support

Mazak has added a new online MPower On-Demand Learning (MODL) system to its MPower customer support program.

Automation-ready fiber laser cutter

Amada’s latest fiber laser cutting machine, the Ventis 3015 AJ, achieves virtually dross-free cutting of a variety of materials and thicknesses including stainless steel and aluminum.

Heavy range plasma cutting

The Spark Plasma heavy range plasma cutting machine from Gasparini features a user friendly CNC control integrated with sophisticated offline management systems.

Master annular cutter kit for HMD130 magnetic drill

Hougen Manufacturing has released a new annular cutter kit, The RotaLoc Plus Master Kit.

Threading insert grade for critical parts and materials

Seco Tools has introduced the new TTP2050 threading insert grade.

Bandsaw with increased cutting output

The new Behringer HBE Dynamic Series bandsaws use a high torque, frequency controlled blade drive motor. The specialized gearing in the drive is engineered to produce the blade power and speed needed to achieve fast cutting and peak throughput rates. Because the drive is low horsepower and energy efficient, power consumption is reduced while energy savings and high production are realized. The new saw is designed to meet a broad range of applications in the steel trade, mechanical engineering, tool making and in high-end metalworking shops.

FABTECH 2015: Punch press tool coating

exhibitor: Mate Precision Tooling   booth # S1944

SuperMax is a coating for punch press tooling that Mate Precision Tooling says outperforms available premium coatings by two to eight times, depending on the application.

Metalworking duct collector

The Craftex CX series dust collector collects chips and abrasive dust from belt and disc produced during cutting, finishing and grinding operations.

Press brake for large and small jobs

Scotchman Industries new PressPro hydraulic presses are industrial-grade machines ideal for fabrication, bending and forming, straightening, assembly, maintenance operations, testing and quality control. 

GF Machining brings OPC UA to North America

GF Machining Solutions now offers North American manufacturers its Open Platform Communications (OPC) Unified Architecture (UA) interface Version 1.0 as a single connectivity solution.

Swiss turning with automatic options

TRAUB, a brand of the INDEX Group, Reichenbach, Germany, has introduced the sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe TRAUB TNL20 that adds numerous improvements in productivity, precision, and automation to the TNL line.

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