Schunk's Vero-S avaiation clamping moduleClick image to enlarge

The Vero-S Aviation product line from Schunk is designed to rigidly clamp large parts accurately.

Through its unique design it also enables the user to release the part enough to allow the part to move (compensate) due to the stresses of machining without fully releasing the part. Therefore the clamp/unclamp and reclamping of the stress relieved part can be done in under a minute without losing the established primary reference datums. This is accomplished through the use of four uniquely designed modules.
• the first module is fixed in all axes to establish the primary reference point
• the second module allows the work piece to compensate in one axis (X axis)
• the third module allow the work piece to compensate in two axes (X & Y)
• the fourth module allows compensation in all axes including height and angularity

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