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TRUMPF has developed an economical, compact and automation-friendly punching machine that is specifically designed to grow with a customer’s business. The modular TruPunch 1000, introduced to the European market at EuroBLECH (2016), enables sheet metal fabricators to upgrade their machine to the equally space-saving new TruMatic 1000 fiber. The TruMatic 1000 fiber punch laser machine was introduced to the North American market at FABTECH 2016.

TruPunch 1000 to TruMatic 1000 fiber

With its expandable functionality, the TruPunch 1000 is the perfect machine for entry into precision punching. It can handle sheets up to 0.25 inch thick at rates of up to 600 strokes a minute, yet is remarkably compact. With a footprint of just 21 x 12 feet, it is approximately 15 percent smaller than its predecessor. The machine enables fabricators to process medium-format sheets without repositioning for significantly faster production overall.

The machine’s unique modular design enables the TruPunch 1000 to transition into the new TruMatic 1000 fiber, a combination punch laser machine. The process is achieved by adding a 3kW TruDisk solid-state laser and retrofitting the TruPunch 1000 with a laser cutting system, a laser evacuation unit and a beam guard system. Through this conversion process, sheet metal fabricators are able to increase the variety of parts they manufacture. Customers with an existing TruDisk solid-state laser also have the added flexibility of connecting to the TruMatic 1000 fiber via the TRUMPF laser network. With a low cost of entry, these fabricators are able to easily switch from strictly 2D laser cutting to punch laser processing.

Both new machines from TRUMPF offer a completely redesigned drive technology, which is crucial to the success of its modular concept. The patented “Delta Drive” moves both the electric punching head and the laser along the y-axis while the sheet moves in the opposite direction – a revolution in punching head technology.

Powered by two servomotors, this arrangement enables the machine to accelerate far faster in the y-axis and eliminates the need to move the sheet or work table. As a result, the punching process is more dynamic and the machine is more productive than with the previous design. Decreasing relative movement between the machine table and the metal sheet also reduces the risk of collisions and makes the process more reliable overall. In addition to machine dynamics, productivity and process stability, this new approach facilitates a significantly compact footprint.

Automatic sorting

Both the new TruPunch 1000 and the TruMatic 1000 fiber are designed to automatically sort finished parts up to 7 x 7 in. Processed parts are sent down a chute and can be sorted into a series of four boxes (16 x 12 in.). The boxes are positioned below the machine for easy removal. Alternatively, an additional extra-large flexible parts flap, a standard feature of the TruMatic 1000 fiber and an option for the TruPunch 1000, provide users with a second choice for part sorting. Equipped with a sensor that detects whether all the parts have been properly ejected from the machine’s working area, this solution can be used to eject long and wide parts into containers as well as onto conveyors or pallets during both the punching and laser operations. The machine simply ejects the parts through the generously sized flap and places them straight in the container.

Compact yet safe

As the first entry-level combination machine from TRUMPF with a solid-state laser, the goal was to make the TruMatic 1000 fiber compact as possible. For this reason, TRUMPF developed a special space-saving beam guard system that is compatible with the machine’s modular concept. The machine’s protective housing, a requirement for safe laser processing, is integrated into the system and features two laser safety windows that allow users to visibly monitor laser cutting. This protective housing automatically moves out of the way when the machine is punching to give operators maximum visibility and accessibility.

Intelligent automation and control

The new TruPunch 1000 and TruMatic 1000 fiber are more compact than any other comparable machines on the market even when configured with automated handling. Both can be connected to the new SheetMaster Compact, an automation system that is designed to load small to medium sized sheets and blanks and unload microjoint sheets and scrap skeletons. Optimized loading cycles makes it possible to complete most of these tasks while the machine is in operation. Both machines are also equipped with an intuitive touchscreen for easy operation, and are compatible with the MobileControl for remote operation from a tablet. The machines come equipped with the TruTops Boost Punch software for maximum ease in programming.

New TRUMPF app for punching

The new PunchGuide app from TRUMPF, makes it easier to determine the calculations involved with punching. TRUMPF has packed its comprehensive expertise in mechanical engineering and punching technology into this practical app, designed for use with smartphones or tablet PCs.

Aviation clamping system for handling large parts

The Vero-S Aviation product line from Schunk is designed to rigidly clamp large parts accurately.

400 amp output in 300 amp package

Miller Electric's Big Blue 400 Pro is a diesel engine welder/generator with 400 amp output in a 300 amp package.

Lightweight, two speed magnetic drill

Hougen Manufacturing Inc. has released a new model of its portable, magnetic drill, the HMD905.

Cost effective wire feeder


ESAB has developed Warrior Feed 404 HD, a heavy-duty bench-top wire feeder designed to feed .030- to 3/32-in. wire at speeds of 50 to 800 ipm in applications such as high-volume fabrication, structural steel fabrication, heavy fabrication (transportation, off-highway, railcar), ship building and others.

Nanosecond pulsed fiber laser

Amada Weld Tech’s new WL-300A laser processing workstation is configured for nanosecond pulsed fiber laser applications.

New dovetail grooving inserts

Kaiser Tool Co. has expanded its ThinBit Groove 'N Turn line of dovetail grooving inserts used to machine O-ring dovetail grooves with 66 degree undercut angles.

BIG Kaiser expands collet chuck offering

BIG Kaiser has expanded its Mega ER Grip collet chuck offering with more options, including BBT30, BBT40 and BBT50 tapers.

Motion feedback controler

Heidenhain’s new high accuracy motion feedback encoder can now be used for absolute positioning in machines in the semiconductor, metrology and robotic industries. 

Inverter controlled, down acting press brake

Amada's new HS press brakes are built on the solid foundation of the HFE M2 series and includes additional pfeatures and a touchscreen control.

Machining advanced composites

Lighter and stronger than ever, the new breed of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and laminates are elevating performance levels in applications ranging from downhill skis and tennis rackets to military aircraft and automobiles. Composites technology can help automakers reach their lightweighting goals faster than carbon fiber-reinforced plastics.

New 4-pack rack streamlines setup, cable clutter

Lincoln Electric's 4-Pack Rack, made for the Flextec 350X multi-purpose welders, is designed to reduce the number of needed high voltage cables and provides strain relief for those that are used.

Aluminum welding wire for heavy duty applications

Lincoln Electric has introduced a new aluminum welding wire for use in heavy duty applications where wire feeding can be a challenge and arc performance is critical.

Slim design chucks for five axis milling

Emuge Corp. has expanded its line of FPC Milling/ Drilling Chucks products to include Slim Line models designed for five axis machining.

System for easier job site welding

Lincoln Electric has launched CrossLinc Technology-enabled welding equipment, which Lincoln says provides advantages for the construction, shipbuilding, barge, heavy fabrication and other markets.

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